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Here, Han Jie’s mood became somewhat excited.

mind sinking, Han Jie whole body thrown a blue flame, wrapped upper and lower body. Almost simultaneously, Han Jie felt the powerful force of an element of fire.

“fire?” Han Jie consciousness should appear near the fire. Time to think, Han Jie hastily abandoned the practice. Up and went to the window to see the situation.

through the window, he saw a fire in the sky. Preliminary judgment, fire place should be Hongxing Chemical ten kilometers away. It is a unique building in the city’s state-owned chemical plant.

Jie Han secretly frown, if the fire caused by the explosion, then a chemical plant chemical gas leak, and that the people on the provincial capital is undoubtedly the disaster ah.

In fact, the city government already decided to move to the outskirts of the Red Star Chemical, but has been unable to agree on the relocation program, and ultimately That ran aground.

then, Han Jie Shousong rang. Is a call from the municipal government, told the situation Han Jie Hongxing Chemical fire. Han Jie said he already knew. After hanging up the phone, Han Jie thought for a moment. Put on a black suit, put on a face, Face Masks, directly jump out the window, and long into the night.

his fastest walking jumping on buildings, rushed to the fire Hongxing Chemical. Flames from a workshop came out. Han Jie visited some time ago and in Kaokao Hongxing Chemical Plant. Know that this workshop has long been discontinued, into a chemical raw materials warehouse.

Han Jie before understood the hazards of chemical raw materials in the warehouse because of an explosion if the leak then caused. Disastrous. He remembered. Was strictly for those in charge of chemical raw materials for re-sealed.

afterwards if they really made in accordance with the requirements estimated problem. Rescue in time, it should be no major chemical drug leakage.

Han Jie thought for a moment, one flew into the fire.

this time, fire engines arrived. Commanders vaguely saw a man rushed into the shadow. He quickly shouted, but it was too late.

Han Jie into the fire after the discovery, it seems that someone deliberately set fire inside the gasoline is very strong. To his knowledge, there is no petrol before. The degree of burning gasoline is very scary.
Han Jie into the fire, that fire has wrapped up his conductor, constantly burning his flesh. Then quickly visible force in the emergence of a trace of purple wood out to repair the damage. After each injury and repair, a Unit of the element of fire power will go to Han Jie body.

Compared subway fire that force the element of fire itself controlled by Han Jie has been tough abandoned much. But here, the energy generated by the element of fire burning beyond the power of blue fire.

Han Jie feel, your body may be incinerated, just like that.

Gradually, over time, Han Jie’s body incinerated in flames, while at the systolic gather too much power because the element of fire, the power of blue fire seems to have started a qualitative change, and saw that the blue The moment has been wrapped in the slightest appearance of purple atmosphere,canada goose jackets, these expressive flavor is the culmination of purple fire before.

Han Jie also seems sensitive to this qualitative change, Zhuoqi sprayed with a loud shout out, however. The force of the body is also the element of fire suddenly broke out.
Those flames
Han Jie surrounding the outbreak of the body under the power of the element of fire, have burst open to go.

long time, when all four weeks gradually calmed down. Han Jie slowly opened his eyes, a knot in purple Jingmang fleeting.

“Boom!”! Han Jie suddenly a fist head,cheap canada goose. I saw the hands of flame instantly explode. But this fire does not hurt to Han Jie shred. Clearly the force of the fire element in the body of Han Jie purple fire is moving force transformation.

feel my body surging matchless power. Han Jie destroy punch out. Force like a long line of purple fire roared out from the Quanfeng emerge, spinning in the air, the flame will push back, to ensure the safety of those chemicals barrel.

Han Jie eyes flashed a surprise, he finally broke the power of blue fire, into the realm of fire power purple, violet water before it Zheyi is inspired by the power of the.

but also very unfortunately, after Han Jie Zhe Yiquan out purple felt the force of the fire consumes the body 7788. Wiped his forehead of sweat helpless before, Han Jie sat down cross-legged. He needs to get more fire element level of force.

flame here, his body has no longer any threat to it. Han Jie moment to calm down. Five health tactic transported from the body around Han Jie produced a powerful suction. Warehouse fire began frantically rushed toward his body away.

this time, outside fire firefighters were also found inside the weird. Fire seems to suddenly disappear ah. Han Jie found four weeks, when the flame is about to disappear, but also to stop the practice. Looked at the situation around,canada goose outlet, he jumps on a vent at breakneck speed and rushed out.

seen near the warehouse firefighters hop silhouette flying out, but it not see the shadows.

this time, warehouse ignition point; already running out. Commander at the scene by fog after entering the warehouse also felt very strange.

But for that figure before her heart was some clues.

this time, along with her practice, she has been able to gradually feel that the God of private law tactics and effectiveness. She felt vaguely seem to control some of the water.

Shangqie she can teach her method formula that Han Jie, naturally mention.

course, no frost on by Han Jie is golden wood fire and water can be controlled technique times after its fire, he also entered the prime practicing the highest level. Next Han Jie will begin practicing earth elements. When the five elements of the body when Han Jie gathered force. By the time exactly what kind of things will happen, no one can predict. Even Han Jie I do not know. What would be a result.

In this way, the secret deal under Han Jie, had a major disaster could easily cause a fire was extinguished. And after this incident, but also let some people get religion. Hongxing Chemical Plant relocation can no longer hesitated. Otherwise, it is difficult to imagine, if there will be so lucky next time.

Meanwhile, fire official to enter the fire scene, after careful investigation, to determine which is arson. Council Secretary Wang Yue personally led the investigation, we must find out who is on fire. No matter for what purpose he, his behavior has been harmful to the provincial capital of public safety.

need to rely on the instructions of, that this case should be promptly solve the case, the heavy responsibility for personnel involved.

When done, Han Jie in Kaokao dialed phone numbers. She was very careful to Han Jie said:

“Thank you

“Why thank me?” Han Jie asked with a smile.

“., you know,” rely on cream, said: “If not for you, today’s fire will lead to disaster, the consequences could be disastrous, I will not try to estimate the profits into the government.”
! “Oh”
弗杰 smiled: “Why say that I, ah, I can not do anything, I have been at home sleeping..”

“line Jill, others may not know but I know.” rely on Sophie smiled and said: “You give me a cultivation practice, I can already mastered some of the force of the water so I speculated before that figure should be. is you and you worry, I will not utter. “

paused again seriously need to rely on, said: “Although I do not know how to get you in the end these Dharma, but I also want to thank you for your presence, almost changed my life..”

“Oh!” Han Jie hollow sound, he did not expect so soon in Kaokao discovered one of the clues, but also cultivate a force Chishui.

thought for a moment, he said:. “. at the mayor, some things, wait for a suitable opportunity I will explain to you, but you must be mentally prepared for some things, too mysterious.”

“ah, I know” in Kaokao smiled and said: “Your body already full of mystery” for the future, when privately. Can you call me on the mayor. “

“called what ah?” Han Jie said.

“shock me cream;;!” in the fog by a smile and said: “Although my big old are you, but let you call my sister, you are not willing to estimate directly called Ray show it..”

“Oh, Kaokao sister” Han Jie said with a smile: “do recognize a deputy governor’s sister, nor loss ah” Kaokao sister, so called after me. By the way, I suggest you take advantage of this fire, and then add some brick yards. “

“ah, I know how to do.” in Kaokao smiled.

quickly, time is the fire under shock show operation. Became the provincial capital city government dealing with a sudden emergency event advertised events. After reporting the provincial government, the provincial government will soon get awards. Because the day was in command of the scene by Sophie. So, the biggest beneficiary is her. The incident for her political career has cast a heavy sum.

this, Han Jie, the unsung heroes, was very pleased.

no doubt, either now or in the future. At the show rely on officialdom are his most loyal allies. While at home does not necessarily think so, but I would not rely on the show to make things against him.

this, Han Jie sure.

work the next day, at the office Kaokao Han Jie came face to face again, thanks. Han Jie had wanted to tell in shock tactic by the five elements of the health thing. Who would have thought. Xue Wei’s phone calls came. By fog in seeing first left, two similar talk to you another day.

Xue Wei told Han Jie: Xiao Han Mayor, the last time you said those words I told the Father. Father is you’re mad, but Han Tianming son indeed be a bit too much to do. He said he would at the appropriate time for them to warn. “

“? such ah” Han Jie chuckle: “It seems, Xue Han Tianming still want to shelter his son ah.”

Xue Wei sighed and said: Xiao Han mayor. You play to understand ah, anyway, always Xue Xue Guihua flesh it, “Of course, I do not agree Xue Han Tianming continue to shelter his son.”

“ah, I know;;!” Han Jie then said: “You bring me word again home to you Father, but also bring a family of three Han Tianming unless they leave this life Xue otherwise I will not. kill

Xue Wei stunned for a moment, smiled and said:. “Little Mayor, your words are too mad.”

“! mad not mad, you weigh yourself,” Han Jie Stern said: “I hope that people will not regret Xue.” Then, Han Jie hung up the phone.

thought for a moment, he gave a knife to a phone call. Let him from coming out of several security companies. Elite and stared at her daughter Han Tianming and Xue Guihua, once found, it is necessary to take action at all costs.

knife natural answered.
home in the afternoon, the Soviet Union unexpectedly late autumn actually home, Zhang Ting is not to listen to late autumn Sue said she took Xiao Ni, Si Han went out to play.

“Late Sister, eat anything at night, ah, I go,” Su seen a few days late autumn, Han Jie found that she seemed to languish a lot. Unfortunately, the marriage is indeed encouraging people to old.

Su Late open the phone, but said nothing.

“Late sister, a few days do not come, I want you.” taboo Jay sat in the past with a smile:

“Well, do not think I’ll go for you to cook.”

Sue Autumn did not speak.

Hanjie Yu stuffy heart that a woman ah woman, not too much, I beg you Laxialianlai. Do you like this. Tip can be tolerated, what can not. Han Jie simply put leaned over, hehe smiles:. “Late sister you can naughty ah, is not want me to hit you in the ass?”

“How dare you?” Sue really could not resist the late fall directly on the remote control to pound him. The look kinda animatedly. But he did not expect to be totally ambiguous words atmosphere.

a grinning Han Jie took the remote control. Sue looked at late autumn, said:???. “Late Sister, we can not talk about old so go on, is not the answer ah you said, right, I know, you told me you really feel unhappy if I marry a disadvantage, sorry, I can give you freedom! “

seventeenth chapter XIII set it off from the bar
Late on the minds of the Soviet
indignant freedom to say anything else not hear Jie Han Jing suddenly angry. But then another thought, does he want to shock me? Sadness want to play cards? Such a thought. So they hold back the hearts of anger late autumn, Leng Heng, said:? “Do you mean to break up no problem, ah, back we go through the formalities to finish the sentence, holding hands like a late autumn Su nothing, like nothing had happened watching the TV screen. Han Jie mind is ready to see the appearance of the soft serve.

Who wants to wait for a long time but have not seen Han Jie react. Will not be surprised to see him. I saw this guy give yourself a cup of Big Red, staring at the television to see a look of excitement.

“What do you mean? speak to you ah?” Seeing 弗杰 also calm than their Soviet late autumn of his heart was some confusion.
Those words
mouth before she could, but is afraid to be the real thing. As a result, Han Jie’s grandfather is the most promising, that if they break up. Estimates will be very sad. Grandpa is so much older, Soviet late autumn nature will not let him sad. Secondly, after the divorce, one would not necessarily find happiness. Moreover, Han Jie addition to romantic encounters relatively strong, the rest was excellent chess sides, looking for a better than he seems to be gone. Find better than him, and could be Han Jie gratuitous humiliation.

Han Jie did not speak, sit back. Drinking Big Red mouth, eyes watching TV. So like late autumn air, nothing to do with him.

“Humph!” These days, they have been the Cold War. Autumn is not the Soviet past and thought, and can crucially, Han Jie carrying out she had a child, and did not even explain the sentence, she is swallow.

this way, they do not speak.

sat a long time, the Soviet Union late autumn feel a little uncomfortable, they move a bit body, a change of position. This time Korea Jieqia good side head slightly; like discovered the New World, intuition that shines, but it is no longer refuse to move eyes.
While watching TV late autumn
Su, Han Jie, but my mind was watching every move. Suddenly. She found Han Jie side head staring at her direction. Motionless, looked among some ambiguous.

“What do you mean?” Sue again late fall opening. ; Han Jie did not speak, just the eyes but did not leave.

Sue Autumn hesitated, then followed his gaze downward is Teng blush. Own pajamas, Youyi lateral position on the couch, between the legs of the spring that is completely exposed to the Han Jie’s eyes.

“shameless!” Su late autumn face desperate scream loudly. Quickly got up and ran into the room. According to common sense Han Jie is her husband even gave him a too saw nothing. Late Su Han Jie just now and it being the Cold War, so that. Would not destroy the atmosphere. Moreover. They married, has always been no breakthrough in the final layer of obstacles. In other words, the relationship between two people pure way to go.

Han Jie Su caught a late autumn hands. Late that look straight to the Soviet Union was, weak two “Hey. Late autumn sister, shy what ah, anyway, we are husband and wife, and I see that you are a legitimate right,” but honestly, you really wear pink underwear good to see ah? “

Su Late seize pajamas, pretending calm and said: “? Hu you say.”

Han Jie squinted unceremoniously glanced at her: “Sister late autumn, the things we could not afford to drag on, and tonight, we have to talk about is loose or good and, somehow there. argument. “said. Squat down to her waist and hug the body to carry on the shoulder.

a result, the Soviet Union late fall slightly stained cheeks blush:. “you first put me down, have something good to say.”

Han Jie dissatisfaction is frowned and said: “Go in bed

“What do you want?” Su Late somewhat afraid. Wanted to shout a few words, then I thought. Before shelling themselves intend Han Jie, reprove his crimes. So he let Zhang Ting Han and Xiao Ni with Si

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Underneath, there is charcoal grilled simmering water inside the fragrant cake ablation, dense aroma, moisten everything around was fragrant smoke.
ladies will be taken to the Court, she has been the biggest temple valley of death, I saw a silver placed before the house of one hundred fifty light, like fire tree,canada goose outlet, wax tears condensation, looks like red flowers. throughout
huge fire burning, cold night, soon to be nice and warm red of the melt.
ladies soon step down a long puzzled some Christine looked around, a huge place, but still left her alone. This in the end is how is it?
she walked puzzled, suddenly saw the pond near the front edge of a reclining man, looks like being eyes closed, Jie Yun slender body covered drawn to a place of fun, and that Shop hydrangea filled too full, pruning branches could not be held down, and the water wheel moonlight half crosswise, full Cheng pulls youth.
waterside side of people like that shadow metaplasia general, quietly integrated into here.
light as elusive, if bright glass.
nine uncle …… In these circumstances, there is a moment so long Christine illusion, if the moon had a loved one, then the man in front of the world is the only person to match.
“Long Christine, you have come.” Gao Zhan opened his eyes.
long Christine quickly set the fixed mind, “Nine uncle, why so early called me to the palace? why should we vote here?”
high Cham stood up, hand holding her hand and smiled, “because I have a very interesting things to show you, do not want anyone to disturb us.” Christine glanced
long he just hold hands, although it felt today, nine uncles seem strange, but did not think, just feel this may seem uncomfortable.
“how? holding a child I often do not you? Because, as long Christine will not fall ah.” bright smile on his handsome face as if all the colors glittering between heaven and earth.
Christine lengleleng long, mind emerges out of a child, nine uncle took her hand and was afraid of her wrestling scene, my heart suddenly become infinitely soft, as if there was a warm water, slowly flowing to her heart, and that an ultimate gentle, infinitely fascinated people.
high Cham took her case before the house a good place to sit down before a few gently clapped her hands.
a melodious music rang up long respectfully listen that this is her most favorite “Tianzhu trick” in this music, the incredible scene appeared.
a waves, filed slowly into the team here at ichthyosaurs ranks high boot swaying dance, juggling a variety of novelty, Comedians, dwarf mountain car, giant elephant, pulling well,cheap canada goose, melons,canada goose jackets, etc. , strange matter are both trademarks eyes, one after another from the stack again and again.
juggling acrobatic team jump to dance, those actors who are tied to internal resettlement clothing minute candle lanterns, vivid, grotesque, even for a moment among very realistic, disappeared behind the garden, dream-like, like a mirage.
do not know when, in the courtyard erected two pillars, red string tied between two columns, stray feet.
two stunning beauty to make people feel dizzy speed climb up on top of the column, in the height of ten feet from the ground more than a dozen dance rope face circled the name somersault, jump across from each other head. Then, they sometimes backward, sometimes forward, meet over the shoulder cut, Proton exchange through trade, dance stopped working.
all participants Kabuki dance music people are beautiful Zeng Yi Cai. Lights shining, their clothing strange, colorful, dazzling.
high Cham looks very good mood, several feast-day drinking wine, whispered, “Long Christine, like it?”
Christine had a long stare, long time before they recovered, stammered, “Nine uncle, this, this asking too much, certainly spent a lot of it ……”
high Cham chuckle out loud, “I only ask you like it or not?”
“Yes, of course, love.” She bit her lip, nine uncle for her birthday spent so much thought, how could she not?
“As long as you like like,” His handsome face was tipsy while floating on a layer of pale red, eyes hint of tenderness and pity as silk as involved with her. “Long Gong, as long as you like, I will give you.” Christine
long sip a small mouth feast of wine, but do not know what to say, he did not even notice that quite a few to drink wine, and could not help but advised, “Nine uncle, your body is already bad, do not drink it. “
high Cham shook his head disapprovingly, “Today is Christine’s long eighteenth birthday, how should drink a few feast, but, there are more interesting things did not let you see it.”
spoke, he clapped his hands, all trick people immediately back down.
“bang!” bang pierced the sky, she looked up in surprise, I saw a clump of bright fireworks in the air like goldenrod generally bloom, and slowly fall like a meteor in general, followed, after another barrage of fireworks being lit, a pick a place to fly into the sky, the sky is full of magical moments, brilliant, bright color can not be described in words. Leap fireworks in the night sky shining bang explosion, from a pattern turned out another new pattern. But would also immersed in the shadow of the courtyard ground, instant bright as day.
“so nice ……” She stared, heartfelt praise, the fireworks came from the Han Dynasty in court, due to spend a lot of red fire saltpeter and charcoal, money and time, weekdays only emperor ascended the throne, etc. Occasionally, when the event will be used ……
“nine uncle, I put here …… This fireworks, seemed wasted.” she said incoherently, although aware of nine uncle always loved her, but I do not know why, her heart was somewhat nervous Intuit.
“waste?” He stared at her, “I just want to let people see a long Christine.” Christine looked up and look long
high Cham, his eyes barely visible force people to heat, the kind of deep cover the surface of the chill in the pupil following heat, hot scorching …… this nine uncle, she felt a hint vague uneasiness ……
“Long Christine ……” He stood up unsteadily, it seems to say, but still hesitated never say it.
in the end is why? Why was this moment, he could not say that one in my heart for a long time wandering words.
fear is fear of heart pain, but did not dare Xiangqiu dazed, afraid to try this “can not find” matter bitter, it is difficult to escape. Is not that right?
what scared him in the end? What in the end the scruples? In the end …… what time to be painful?
“nine uncle, you drink too much, I’d better send you back to the house Zhaoyang it.” Long Christine quickly hold him.
“I do not Zhaoyang the house,” he rubbed his swollen forehead and whispered, “Tonight I will lodge in the celestial Court Qingyun temple.”
(Friendly collected by the

“71″ Part II Chapter 71 into the magic of an idea

the palace at this time, there is a hurrying figure. After all occasionally cheeky ladies love watching the man whispered talk with twittering, very surprised how the Book of Order Hulv constant gamma will appear here at this time.
constant gamma calm face that always conceal anxiety, just listen Hyo Wan tells the recently saw the scene, then think of the attitude of the emperor has been a long Christine’s, although I think the emperor Although Christine has a long strange feelings, But do not be long Christine. Hau Wan rushed to the palace insisted helpless, in order not to provoke Hau Wan go wrong, he was personally more timely and a trip to the palace.
smoothly in just to fool the palace guards came in, overheard them talking about the emperor at the time of the celestial Court of King Lan Ling celebrate birthday message, his heart That put up. This xiandu Court of the harem of the land, even the Queen does not have to go too, where the emperor-elect, Christine Rongchong look is infinitely long, but they are very wrong.
constant gamma, etc. to the celestial Court when it is felt that something was wrong, when I saw that two ladies from the Court, and the Court, I do not know beyond what the guards whispered a few words, they immediately walked away.
constant gamma also refused to think about, then just up. After
two ladies walked in silence for a while, one looks younger girl finally spoke first.
“Li Xiang, why should we put this stuff?”
“which may be the emperor concubine to patronize it.” older girls who faltered road.
“not ah, today xiandu Court, only the emperor and King Lan Ling. Could this Magic of from Persia, but, ah, there is more smoke the aphrodisiac effect, which is not to curry favor with the palace who serve the emperor, who would need to use this kind of thing? Does the emperor to patronize the people …… “
“Hush, Orchids you can Freeze said, according to the adults we do say is that more than survive for days on do not want to speak out of turn.”
Magic of the ladies say words like thunder Honghong hitting the constant gamma eardrum, that he scared gall crack. Has been so calm and wise, no matter what happens, he can unruffled, the brain, a blank.
cold sweat, shed down his forehead, never fear, he slowly submerged. His heart began to beat up crazy. How does it feel?
in these words from the mouth of the ladies of the moment, as if the whole world is one of change. His vision suddenly darken, the body seems to be larger hands on a pair of close firmly fixed, not activities.
ear, is unimaginable silence.
Although this feeling only a moment, but he felt that moment but there is a century long.
he never has had such a feeling of fear.
After finally calming down, he continued to follow the TV drama The two ladies, until they separated, he immediately stopped at a secluded spot that called Orchids girl, just ask the word, “a place to put the incense which one? “
Orchids timidly uttered in the name after he faint asked, “So, have you ever seen me tonight?”
Orchids reaction that immediately over, shook his head, “Slaves never seen an adult, never seen before.”
constant Buddha motioned her to leave, two eyebrows always stretch of rare micro Weicu up, maybe the next step is more difficult, and that is what the long way with Christine out?
Language xiandu Court has long Christine naturally do not know so many of the nine uncle sent Qingyun temple when Kyoichi long into the house to smell a strange smell, like alfalfa and Gan Hong Su mixed with rosin What scent, it is a bit dizzy, a bit crazy.
she did not care, but the high Cham placed in the couch.
furnishings Zhaoyang temple here than a lot of luxury, brocade tassels fighting off the corners of the leading gold, even in the dark, but also Shuoshuo issued glow. Long title Diao colored tassels, drooping elegant, canopy huge nasturtium, and hang hanging gold woven into the white silk sac, sac filled with odd color fragrant.
“nine uncle, earlier you rest.” She pulled the silk bedding, gently cover for him, “I have to go back.”
“Long Christine …… Do not go,” sighed loudly as keyed mews, misty straight without support from outside, such as the sky came the faint sound in the ears, she was surprised to see him walking pair of brown eyes streaming branching brilliance, it seems pretty flawless face on the cage layer of pale smoke wind, and as usual it was a completely different expression,
“nine uncle, how do you?” She felt the smell in this room to make her chest and some nausea, seems even to have some floating up the pace. “Do not you feel uncomfortable here, as I went to open the window a good ……”
“Long Christine, do not go.” He suddenly pulled her hand, whispered or repeated this sentence.
“nine uncle, you are not very hard to accept?” She is attached to the lower body, with the other hand and touched his forehead, I just feel like there burning general, are not shocked, hurriedly said, “Nine uncle, I sent for the physician to …… “
“Where are also not allowed to go!” he suddenly big Heleyisheng, with an eye firmly fixed on her that she had never seen before, “Long Christine, accompanied me, was not allowed to go where, what woman does not want to marry enter the house …… I can not let someone else take your …… ” Christine
long look at him in amazement, “Nine Uncle, are you drunk yet? you’re talking nonsense ……”
“is not nonsense!” He stood up and sat up, only to hear the solitude of his own heart beating, blood vessels transported long without restraint trembling blood flow through the body. Everything in the room instantly tensed, as if to tear open, he clearly felt in the collapse of the shackles of his mind, the kind of collapse pain weight around his neck, very painful.
“Promise me, long Christine, do not marry that what little iron, do not marry her!” At this point of Gao Zhan, already stretched to the limit as a bowstring, the hearts to almost stagnate, it seems as long as a touch, it will burst open. Christine did not expect long
danger is near, yet only said nine uncle does not like small iron, whispered began, “Nine uncle, I know you’re good to me, but I can not marry a small iron two months later, I’ll marry her into the house. “
watching their loved growing up day by day, and if the feelings of the hearts of lovers like father like thoughts gush. Later they discovered that he was just a shadow of his life, and he’s someone else forever …… this desperate feeling that his heart was torn again, that pain has gone deep bone marrow, blood implants ……
“pop!” He heard the sound of the bowstring burst, the next moment, he can not control the way she grabbed …… by tipsy, muttered that forbear but spit out the piercing words of love , muffled, almost twisted and imbued with unshakeable feeling ……
“Long Christine, I’m not passing, I’m not passing ah! before you meet your future wife, you and I met ah! I have loved you, love your children, love you when young, When your adult love, love when you smile, cry when you love, you love sad when, on Chodo love you, love you on the battlefield, love all you ah! “
long Christine stared at his distorted face, suddenly felt a blank piece of brain, head hurts …… in front of the whole world spin …… sudden shock tumble in the chest, the dark silence of the world, echoing the Only if the Jubilee heartbeat, has nothing to think not, what could not remember ……
I do not know how long, strenuous effort she uttered the words, “nine uncle, I am a man, or your nephew.”
deeply he just stared at her, “I do not like men, nor is it like to go against ethics, I just like it long Christine.”
“Nine Uncle, you’re drunk, I want to go back.” She wanted to leave, but that the body limp, as if what is burning in his heart ……
“I can not say go! never allowed to go!” His dark crimson Double Vision gorgeous bloom like a rose, reveals unspeakable evil intention, she did not react at the time, he had a sudden She will be under pressure in the body ……
“Nine uncle, you, you’re crazy, what do you do? you said do not let anyone bully me, do not you?” She stared at him so close, the surrounding air becomes an instant thin, thick oppressive squeezing her, let her have restless soul shuddered.
nine uncle so, so terrible …… just like the emperor that terrible night long, long time before ……
He did not speak, just looked at the risk of her eyes that blocks cold, but the fire Chi Chi.
“is long Christine, I will not let anyone bully you, because this world except me nobody can bully you.”
pause for a few seconds, almost without thinking, he suddenly looked down mercilessly, heavily, but many of them gently, the lip affixed to her lips.
forgotten his painstaking efforts and hard work, he will make every effort and restraint, and with this desire to destroy intestinal Sage off the bone, rolling up and down, the moment they fall apart, defeated. Thoughts and thoughts, heartache and crazy, so overwhelming pouring over it, not to suppress, not to stop. So long

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She is Cheryl’s aunt Angie. Before the British, when Cheryl on Angie said her aunt is Loved her. If something happens Erin, Angie Cheryl will be very sad.

Wang Yue hurried statement: “Mayor, you are assured to rescue the hostages is our basic principle.”

“What is the situation now?” Han Jie asked.

Wang Yue then put some of the latest reports on the situation. Basically, hijacked the bus has been blocked, but the other well-established practice scratch. Can not get a sudden breakthrough, could not rescue.

Moreover, unlike other police made any demands. Police now do not even know they hijack Erin motives and purposes.
hang up the phone, Han Jie immediately and contact a knife on him as soon as possible involved in the rescue elite organization. Anyways. Erin absolutely can not let any problems.

time,cheap canada goose. Han Jie Huang also made along the way things began tracking six things he weep,canada goose jackets; Seoul stunned small shot himself. Friendship Road came when someone suddenly realized Han Jie track myself.

he stopped to look to see the roadside trees, broke and said: “? friends, the first body it.”

Soon, a small band of light in the woods scene out of a black man. That black people contemptuous smile, head and asked: “? You feel good ah, but I want to ask you, you know what I want to do it.”
! “know”
Jie Han smiled, took a scalpel: “Do you ill.”

black people shocked, staring at him for a long while before coldly: “Oh, yes, we really ill, but I just wanted to ask you to go to foreign countries.”

“please me?” Han Jie slightly surprised. It appears that the black man’s mouth are labeled him “but he recently did not seem to provoke any trouble ah?

“Yes ah, please!” black people smile:. “We need to secure the world’s top doctors, we go and solve a problem, things are after, there are tens of millions of dollars reward, of course, you are the mayor, the price tag is not Like,canada goose outlet, give you a check, you can easily fill the number “

“You feel confident that you can take away a person I?” Han Jie chuckle.

“Of course!” black people, then just finished, people are jumping over, hands more than a cutting knife.

waving the knife directly over, no gimmicks, just an ordinary one and the flat cut, fast enough, at least in the eyes of Han Jie, this knife is a failure.

“presumptuous!” chuckled Han Jie, Yang scalpel up.

that black people only feel a linen chest, a powerful momentum forced him down quit five or six times. His luck in his legs, forced a hide feet. Feet into the grass, and barely stabilize the body.

time, a right chest cold, then a sharp pain hit, he looked down and saw his breast subconscious is the right of Ge blows, although not hit a nerve, but the blood still bright red skirt big one.

looked again, I saw a look of calm Han Jie.

“Erin is also the person who robbed you of it?” Han Jie asked.

“not stolen, is to ask, we headed admire you these doctors, and, this time we ask you in the past, just to solve a medical problem.” connoisseur a shot, glance there. Black people solemnly, hard touch with each other just a trick. Did not account for any cheaper, own hand, arm tingling, pain was killing the tiger’s mouth. Obviously, Han Jie effort of even more severe than the estimated number of their intelligence.

Han Jie Chen Sheng said: “Tell me who you are, I can consider not kill you.”

black people did not speak. Han Jie who exudes bursts of murderous and overwhelming momentum. Can not be him. He will grasp the hands of the knife tighter, staring unblinking


Finally, black people can no longer contain themselves, sneer, wrist flick, pull out three coldness. Cold: “! You try me a trick,” said, and the body side, the left heel lift, Han Jie whole person to shoot an arrow at the same time, with coldness knife piercing his neck throat throat.

this rate is considered good.

But Han Jie opinion, it is nothing. I saw Han Jie arms to show, to jump backwards, eyes coldness flash, remember that the attack has been avoided.

black people Hey sneer, shot, such as electricity, attacked Han Jie again. Han Jie disdain, flash stature. At lightning speed appear in front of the man’s body.

black people screamed, and hurried back, but Han Jie always go hand in hand. Then just listen to “hiss, bang, black man’s arm cut. Appear a deep and bone can be a big hole.

“the last time to ask you!” Han Jie said: “This is your last chance.”

black people seem to have seen his ideas, his sneer getting stronger, waved his arms, the body issued a rattle sound, strode out ahead. An invisible pressure instantaneous time surrounded by Han Jie.

“You are a robot?” Han Jie slightly surprised.

a remark, that black people are also slightly surprised. I did not expect his identity actually called broken. In other words, Xu is likely falls on the person’s hands.

Otherwise, simply can not explain how he knew his own identity.

thought of this, black people going to break out, go back alive to report this information to the master.

Han Jie also seems to expect his mind. Hurried to intercept, scored a knife black people, I heard Cui Xiang. I just feel numb jaws of death. He poured suction air. Underground passage a good strong impulsive ah.

“It seems to me you have lost value!” Han Jie find this very loyal group of people, in this continues, has no mean. “Go to hell!” Han Jie croon heard, lift surgery knifed in the past. Black people hurried retreat. But how can not avoid it. This is Han Jie move intended to kill, so Zijin’s very strong, not to the knife, air-rock, cut body skin. Straight into the blood, black people could not make a machine Lingling, the Cold War, not the effect, “back full Pichu knife. Immediately. Black man himself startled, and flying Duanren almost sell.

Han Jie added something knife, cut off the lead. This time, the man in black is inevitable, life being Han Jie hack. Meanwhile, Han Jie spared the man’s body hastily thrown into the woods, make phone calls sent over the knife hijacked. This corpse, very valuable research.

get that, then black people, Han Jie will be putting all the five elements of that force, and carefully sentiment that black people before the same breath.

Eventually, Han Jie northeastern suburb locked position.

Just at that moment, the phone call came Wang Yue, Han Jie said that people have sent to help them find the robbers. Participants in the bus window robbers placed a bomb. Just shoot, you can detonate. So, all the special police and armed police have been withdrawn from the cordon outside, who are not allowed to shoot.

heard after Han Jie, said he will soon rush past.

more than twenty minutes, Han Jie demolition site in an abandoned saw the bike northeastern suburb hijacked bus. Also see the knife at the scene and several black men who fight.

black people have four times the manpower knife in them, but from the perspective of the scene. Knife troops did not prevail.

Han Jie know their identities are robots, so the knife were not rivals, is also reasonable.

“Han Fu Long, now how do?” Wang Yue Han Jie School found that those who come are very amazing skill. Even so, it is difficult to control the situation.

“I went to them would be,” Han Jie said dismissively.

“Mayor, will not be too dangerous.” Wang Yue bit worried.
! “Oh”
弗杰 chuckle: “My effort, you should listen to it in the vice governor said, do not worry, you guard the perimeter, do not let go of one of the robbers, so that reporters can not shoot?. Here’s the picture today’s action

“ah” Wang Yue, deputy governor of natural know at the mouth of the Han Jie who is? Han Jie also know the effort should not be a problem. But he was a little worried. But he was unable to prevent Han Jie went, at the moment they can only let snipers ready, just in case.

knife and a tall black man fighting, found that people actually afraid of pain, bleeding wound upon a few, but it is one that combat Takuya unabated. Surprised at the same time, anxious hearts together. For the first time, he encountered such a powerful opponent.

“I come!” will be at this time, Han Jie sideways leap in the past, Leng looked at the man in black. Gentle tone lightly and said: “Your companion had died a.”

tall black man obviously stunned for a moment.

Han Jie smiled: “I am your second goal, Han Jie.”

a remark, that tall man in black talent come to understand, who led the team leader had been killed. Heart of a panic, he quickly said: “Breakout force

“who also do not want to go!” collection kit light laugh.

knife, who saw him were surprised inexplicable.

this time, there is a black man came and before the tall black man from shoulder to shoulder. The knife has been surrounded by other people with two black people.

deal with four, there may be some deficiencies.

but deal with two “problem is not large.

this time, and Han Jie confrontation between two men in black “panic-stricken, from the Han Jie body, They can feel little domineering, and powerful forces of oppression.

did not wait for the fight, the momentum has lost two in a length

“Han Jie, we are not enemies, we just want to ask you in the past to help you come up with why such a big movement.” somber black people carefully asked.

Han Jie chuckle, flash scalpel:. “is you first get into my”

“What do you mean?” two black people asked in unison.
! “Oh”
Han Jie chuckle: “I know your history you people simply do not think you are invincible monster that is because you have not encountered a real opponent…”

contempt Han Jie said: “Prior to kill you, I still want to give you a chance to tell me, in the end you come from, who is your leader?”

“do not know” the tall black people sneer, said:. “want from our mouths set out useful information, it is impossible since you’ve killed our leader, this is something you should be very clear the. “

“Yes ah,” Han Jie smiled: “So I’m going to direct your research bodies questioning you, I will never again.”

“you in the end what people?” tall black man said: “? Normal humans can not beat us, how did you people how you do it.”

“why the dead know too much!” last word out of his mouth from his, who also followed channeling out. Two black people just felt front of a flower, Han Jie has come near to the duo, they almost instinctively stab a knife while. Han Jie figure can be flashed again. Instant they disappeared.

then, Han Jie Di Liu’s body a turn, go to the right side of the tall black man, meanwhile, raised the hands of the scalpel, facing two people stabbed in the past.

that tall, black man screams scared even no time to send out and shoved to his left side Jicuan. Staggered a few steps to grab before World War II and a knife prestige long gone.

two fewer uncontested since his debut, which tasted such a loss, lung son almost did not explode, the fear of the anger suppressed, have Bao He soon, either side, in a battle with Han Jie place.

two Lo together, seamless, far more than the power of doubling. But Han Jie, but do not worry, they compared and Xu are still some gaps, simply can not hurt him.

outsiders, three speed is very fast. Playing together, just listen to the sound, but not its people, mixed into a ball.

knife this time people have gradually prevailed. With the two of them play against a group of black people have been struggling to cope with some.

this time, and Han Jie Battle of two black people are the Dao Shi Jie Han, step back. The tall man in black staring eyes Han Jie, sounds like the twelfth lunar month of the wind, cold and said:. “If you kill us, and it means that we formally declare war, to the time even if you have a big talent, but also inevitably one dead. “

“? Yeah,” Han Jie chuckle: “how can I do that?”

“with Erin physicians, we go back together!” tall black man smiled and said:. “When we went back later, you will thus get the leader of her, get the gift.”

“? gifts” Han Jie disdain: “It was a strange turn into a monster and you?”

Han Jie sigh and said:. “presumably also the father and mother gave birth to you, but you these darn things, yet it is self-inflicted such filial ah me if you have long wall dead, where what features live down to it. “

“I do not want to kill you, but now it seems, do not kill you, we can not take Erin doctors.” tall black man in the eyes of the beholder sudden and devastating.

been no talk of shorter black people finally spoke, his voice thin and sharp, which also bring some hoarse: “Han Jie, remember that your family will therefore be a devastating blow.”

“I’m sure, not only you, there are such monsters like you, had four.” Han Jie said, grinning at him.

Shorty Hey sneer, little; head. Said: “I also assure you that we will leave.”

“That being the case, try” Han Jie chuckle loudly. Voice down to force the moment the combination of purple wood dozens root element needles.

Immediately, his stature as electric as channeling the past. That element of the stylus body in two. Sudden, they lost their freedom of action.

this trick, Wei Jie originally started you can use. But he wanted to in the end how strong the group’s combat effectiveness.

now seems as good as their foundation Xu. There is no combat Xu powerful. Only the existence of these monsters, after all, is a scourge.

Han Jie went over to seal the decision again. Yet when he approached the point when it is found, the two men have given up the ghost. Obviously, before Han Jie, or to leave them the power of some of the suicide.

“Your companion is dead!” Seeing those two beleaguered knife black people still ditch, Han Jie Duan soon.

Sure enough, the two men see the companion is dead, mind chaos knife took the opportunity to cut off a man’s head, while the other one was a mess under the knife stabbed a knife.

“Han Jie, you’ll pay for a purpose!” Bus Lane still remained a black man. He saw the hopeless situation, preparing and bus people die.
So since

if that motivated the robbers inside the bus bomb, Erin, and two dozen people with the car, and ears to going all dead. Busy most of the day, only to be wasted effort.

Jie Han shrugged, and said: “You simply do not have a chance.” Yuehua Jian, Han Jie force pushed the purple water body, wrapped in an instant to the bus. Almost simultaneously, an element of the needle into the black man’s temple. Meanwhile, a bomb on the window effect at very low temperatures, Yin has been cracking, avoiding the explosion.
Those who
how much the car also suffered some cold rippled.
Although Han Jie control of the five elements of the force has been very strong. But still some wide set and face, and was finally unable to avoid casualties.

“ambulance personnel;;!” Han Jie Wang Yue’s troops took over the schematic site, so that those who suffered frostbite to accept bailouts. At the same time, he let the knife gang who these monster’s body away.

this time, as also on the fly with his commandos arrived. They stopped the knife man. Claiming that the bodies of these people, they must take home.

Han Jie fly into and negotiations in the past: “At uncle, Xu these people, I think they are masters of their bodies will take this risk so I’ll assume it is …”

fly on a thought, finally nodded.

Han Jie then let the knife with the bodies of those who leave. Fly to let in under the commandos to help the police to clean up the scene.

Subsequently, quiet voice asked Han Jie Di: “Jill, I have to be honest with these people in the end is how is it that you are from Xu?

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Field, die extremely heavy. Will be recorded in the annals of the future of your great achievements of the world rather than disregards the safety of blind subjects and delaying the war victory. Moreover, this time you may not lose! “
“In the end,canada goose jackets, you still Nalan pray to woo ah.”
“Lian Xi,cheap canada goose, you always like to twist my intention. Citylink addition to this world, who do not trust you? like this would never get out alive …… pray for a few years ago, like a few years ago, I . “
Language strike, when I suddenly heard the sound of crisp outside the palace came the sound of rippling throughout the palace, “di, di …… snow ……” Xi
even just to hear his voice, his face will reveal a faint smile, until a baby girl patter Mother ran into the palace under traction, even flew into the arms of Xi. Xi even hold her a full, “Snow how come?”
“di, snow, you want to come with me to play.” She is like the octopus-like stick even Xi body, abnormal happy smile. Especially those two deep dimples two dimple under her, when she spoke with a smile and shades bump ups and downs, and now she is so pleasant, presumably in the future given a Meirenpeizai.
even Xi thick big palm gently stroking her forehead, eyes with spoiled, “Let’s mother Princess accompany you okay?” Even Xi turning moment puzzled me.
“mother Princess?”
“mother Princess?”
me with snow in unison, the sound is so fit together in harmony.
“Yes, she is your wife, Fu Huang, is your mother Princess.” Lian Xi drew a plan of her pink cheeks, the sound is very soft, so even Xi was the first time I see, just like a …… fatherly.
snow piercing eyes to my face, watery eyes linger on me, it seems like to me Kangezixi. After a moment, she took a light tender voice: “The mother Princess ……”
she is …… Citylink children? She called me mother Princess ……
even Xi handed the child’s arms my hands, I immediately took her arm around her when both hands trembling slightly,canada goose outlet, “Snow Zhenguai.” restrain me a kiss on her cheek and India.
snow “princess” and laughed, since the probe body also Qinliaoyikou my face, “You’re beautiful mother Princess.”
even Xi gazing deeply the two of us are no longer indifferent, no longer Yinhen, but the plume of a smile. At the moment the trio is so warm, can be described as enjoyable, as a three. But only we know, has intricate relationships between the three of us, but it will never be a family of three.
even Xi said: “She is the only child of my brother, was born three years ago, when the first snow of winter, so named for her blue bin snow.” This is a blue bin
children? Originally, I would have left the country Yu was three years later, Citylink only child in my arms at the moment. I think I found a way to compensate for Citylink, the snow …… After days of snow
Zhaoyang Palace to run every day, her laughter haunts originally desolate and lonely palace. She was very dependent on me, always rely on my arms, I listen to her stories, singing nursery rhymes, over and over again called to the “mother Princess” word, as if how call call enough. There are snow accompanied really happy these days, though she is not my biological child, but I kept her child is more important than our own. Because snow often come relationship, even Xi also often come Zhaoyang Palace, he is also very good on snow, it should be Aiwujiwu relationship, he’s also the snow as her own.
even Xi said Snow’s mother is blue bin, her output for her child and personally took the name after Xuanliangzijin it. Lan Qi Bin is because the country sent spies, so she would die. Lift the blue bin, I also thought of even thinking, at the moment she is still a large prison yet? In fact, do not even think hateful, but sadly, is the use of pro-brother, even his elder brother was murdered children, and love but also get the same response.
I asked why even Xi willing to send his sister Qi State, he simply hook the hook mouth that only sister to be believed, did not even think of the last sister have betrayed him, gave Han Ming warned her several times, but still unrepentant, in order to punish her, so kill her child. He also said that his sister would betray him, and who believe in this world?
I think, even now Xi do not believe any person.
Miles Feishuang, snow and groaning, the snow off the ground for two weeks, will Zhaoyang Palace shrouded in snow, the vast expanse. Silver staining cold winter palace, Strawberry cream sky-resistant, fragrance points Qiu Zhu Fei. I stood in the corridor round the snow in front of the palace overlooking the chaos of endless snow to fall over the floor, I mixed together with her breathing as smoke drift.
climbs her hands around my neck attached to my ear quietly asked:? “mother Princess, you know who the snow Niangqin Niangqin is why I did not do it, and each time asked di Mother, they are do not tell me. “
hear her tender voice deliberately suppressed for fear of being heard in general, I sadly folded his arms, “Snow, I’m your mother Princess, your Niangqin.” Lian Xi Lan example, do not tell what is snow correct, less than three years old she was a child, should not bear these. If you can, I would never do her Niangqin, if I have to live life to that time ……
“Chen Fei, when you become snow Niangqin it?” under stormy came a stern voice, Queen Xiangyun surrounded by minions under the slow walk from grateful towards me, azurite forging Four groups Xielong Yinshu decorated leather coat stained with little snow, snake bun covered with dazzling Coronet, under her clattering pace.
I hugged Snow stepped back and looked deep sleep at the moment it seems like her to pick a quarrel, and snow lying in my ear and whispered:. “she was so fierce.”
“Maybe that referred to you as cousin it, you still can not think of life alive.” her hands hidden in the fur coat sleeve white as snow, the snow did not stop queue into the gallery. Across patches of snow goose feather relative and we hope, that moment there is still time.
Xiangyun although shrouded golden umbrella, but there is still snow Fen Yang floated on her eyelashes contaminated wiping a few snowflakes, long eyelashes 一扇 one door, her eyes seem more shining bright. Dan Ma goes with her face powder and cherry mouth, that looks almost like being carefully crafted general. Xiangyun indeed abnormal charming woman, especially one that will grace the phoenix gown Chende her temperament more noble, great Queen of the wind.
a moment, I broke the moment of silence, “I do not know what the Queen to Zhaoyang Palace wing?”
“enlighten pour afraid, just curious, you can not help but feel so good snow you have ulterior motives.” She stuck his hand, will fall on the shoulders of snow whisk him away.
“Snow childhood mother died, childless, I naturally would all love to the snow, which is how an ulterior motive?”
her mood slightly some fluctuations, “You knew the emperor, as the snow is lifeblood, as long as she wants, even if it is then difficult to find, the emperor ordered will be recruited.”
I lightly back at the stern of her eyes, “So what?”
Lengheng issued by the nasal cavity, “with snow to tie the emperor’s heart, you are indeed very powerful.”
“It seems that you misunderstood queen, emperor of his responsibility for me only.”
“responsibility? now you Zhaoyang Palace of the emperor to run every day, he went to Queen’s Hall did it …… so diligent Nalan pray for you as a concubine, and as a Citylink’s concubine, but as the emperor’s sister-in-law, actually so shamelessly flirting with the means of these nasty emperor, I do not know how ya cousin Fu men also have the means to do so! “instant anger spilled Queen manners gone, stern gaze to direct me.
snow suddenly jumped out of my arms, rushed to her feet by pushing her, “You are not allowed to criticize mother Princess.” helpless, Snow’s effort is too small, not only did not open Xiangyun, will severely own hand sitting on the ground wrestling.
I approached one will pick up snow, “Queen Goddess, but when your mother Miriam world towards the Queen, so no bearing to the presence of so many I face as a marketplace like a curse village women do have copies ** . “
She stepped forward, cross your fingers with my nose, “I have ** copies? shame is you, but now the country Yu uproar, the late emperor’s Chen Fei seduce their husband’s brother, have to pass a terrible how ugly, throw your face does not matter, but the emperor was the emperor, how can accompany you throw this man! “
listened to her words startled me, and the outside is this pass? Recently Lian Xi
often come Zhaoyang Palace, a few hour ride is, but every time snow are present, I will only occasionally and even Xi chess chat product next thing, most of the time are playing with snow … How are people of the world … pass between my husband’s brother and even seduce Xi …… so ugly?
today I finally understand the true meaning of “hang him” before the.
“di!” Snow suddenly shouted, not far from a small body toward fury.
and I looked like ice Xiangyun are Ceshou Zhaoyang general standing not far from the door of the Palace of Zhu Xi even, he covered a lot of snow on that black hair and golden robes, stood there for a long time already visible .
snow threw up his arms crying, “uncle, the Queen Mother Princess bully, bully snow …… you want to call the shots for us ah.” she cried Ganchangcunduan that whistling sound and snow mixed together, it really bleak.
even Xi will snow in his arms, eyes are staring coldly Xiangyun, with sort of a small voice said: “! roll”
Xiangyun face some pale, “the emperor, Chenqie is hello.”
“I told you to roll!” is a Yinhen words, her words abruptly blocking back.
surrounded by slaves, she was even Xi humiliated, put on face naturally does not go out of the way Xiufen Zhaoyang Palace.
even Xi came towards me slowly round the snow, snow that Ganchangcunduan has gradually stopped crying, she was leaning on the arms of even Xi smiled at me, and that also with unfinished tears tears, even is indeed pamper.
even pace Xi stopped in front of me, “Xiangyun is this temper.”
“In fact, the Queen is right, you’ll still come on Zhaoyang Palace bar. though Qingzheziqing, but after a fearful thing.” I rushed even Xi smiled, looked at his arms and even snow Xi slowly back their own pace, until the palace, the palace finally I tightly closed, Xi will even out with the snow barrier.
snow ring with even Xi neck, looked at the closed while the rich, blinking watery eyes and asked: “? uncle, mother Princess angry me”
Xi does not even speak, just smiled indulgently red snow, eyes gentle, only when facing the snow only. He already had a treat for snow, not only because she is the Citylink children, but also because she’s cute, innocent, and that pure and innocent smile.
“mother Princess angry, how do? If she can no longer ignore how do we do?” Snow grabbed the arm even Xi, tender voice drifting in the snow, like a touch of winter purest sounds of nature.
as the snow brushed his forehead contaminated snow, he asked: “Snow think how to do?”
snow slick squinting his eyes, and immediately jump from Lin Xi’s body down, “di, we coax mother Princess happy snowmen okay? heap a snow, a mother Princess, then a t-heap.”
Her words made even Xi shocked, as snow suddenly surprised to have such an idea, but his heart seems to have some hope, then his mouth smiled and nodded, “Well, di accompany you to the heap.”
winter snows hearted, cold and still, swaying flowers, plum falling.
Zhaoyang utero between the white patch of snow, and a small figure of two busy preparing piled snowman, one step on the floor staggered footprints, silvery laughter that children make Men’s icy heart gets melted. Such a cozy scene, but like something was missing …… is the mother, so that it is more like a family.
I do not know how long, three snowmen finally finished pile, the white snow that had frozen red hands, but she was brilliant smile, pointing to the smallest snowman, said:. “This is the first snow” Then, point the biggest one snowman say: “This is di.”
finally pointed to the middle of that, but paused for a long time are speechless. When the time even at the moment of quiet Xi strange, Ceshou staring snow, only to find that snow has been spinning tears in the eyes, that pitiful that he surprised, “Snow, how is it?”
“This …… is Niangqin.” snow choked hard to spit out the words, tears rolling down already, one even flew Xi’s arms, “said Snow always thought he was poor, no dad, no Mother parents now know, the original di is my dad, mother Princess is my Niangqin …… is not it? ” Xi
even a stiff body, his eyes staring deep bosom of this sad crying children, most deep inside what appears to be pulling forward, it is the most vulnerable place in his heart, desire.
snow mood at the moment he is himself aware of it, they are not very eager to have the same affection with her, hoping to spend with his father and mother can spend with the family, a three enjoyable together. But that would forever be wishful thinking, father and mother always caught in the middle of an aunt, aunt if not, they would not have to bear so much …… Mu Xin eg, killed her mother! Is she!
Suddenly, Xi vision becomes even ruthless, becomes heavy, becomes gloomy. Citylink had deliberately depressed because of a sudden surge of hatred, filled his whole heart.
“uncle, you hurt me!”
Di Hu soon as snow, so almost irrational even Xi back to God, only to find themselves round the snow arms folded tight very tight, she nearly suffocated.
immediately release the arm, hug from the snow, “snow, now running a di one thing ……”
snow puzzled and asked: “What happened?”
front line in the snow has been the man did not seem to hear the snow questioning, murmured: “There is one thing we must do, we must do ……” eyes that gaze firmly with hatred has let him supercilious, no one has been able to stop him at the moment of decision.
maybe even hate Xi was originally due to be born from his life living in hatred, unable to extricate themselves.
moon quiet sad, lonely palace veil whisk.
drag cold invasion candle, incense filled the temple sink.
serve in the emperor’s Zhang Gonggong walking around the house empty veranda in the Queen Mother, along the way I had to go with the excuse screen. Creak loudly palace of the Queen Mother opened the door, which was very dark, the only light a candle shining in the dark, flowing veil around even more bleak emptiness.
queen dressed in white, sitting quietly in bed, the faint flickering candle mapped on her face, and her eyes are always watching nothingness Nama candlelight. Tonight I suddenly disappeared, she felt something was wrong, really, ah, she did not guess wrong.
Zhang Gonggong respectful bowed himself and said:. “the emperor’s minions under orders to bring the same thing with the Dowager Empress word”
queen’s eyes go to him, leisurely sighed, “This day has finally come.” Sunrise from Citylink even death to the throne, she had a nervous day for nearly three years, will be met by nightly dreams When awakened, even Xi’s face, always remember that scene Xiu murdered years ago, but felt even Xi’s eyes at any time you want to kill yourself, it was like a nightmare three years.
“the emperor said, life always have to repay.” When he finished, pulled out from the cuff of the emperor personally handed their small vase, slowly toward the queen, “a dose of this drug will only make your cough more than the Queen Mother, Finally died vomiting blood. Tomorrow, the world will know that you are old and sick to death, the emperor will be your burial. “
her sneer, sharp looking little bottle in his hand, “so to speak, Ai Jia also grateful to him?”
silent for a moment, without hesitation, grabbed a bottle of medicine that drank.
Yes, this day she had expected, but just three years later. Even Xi right, life always has, and she has no nostalgia in this world, and even the Yin was imprisoned for many years, is people do not ghosts not ghosts, but Citylink early

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Eudemons could have domesticated thrown directly go to the city to the ground when the auction an auction that’s extra cash ah. Yes, there is a winning hand Batuk you come from a small fox, my father was also installed in it. “Luo Fei Penpen Xiaotan few times, and some dignified authentic:” And you all know the iconic Huanshou, this Yinlang and the black cat, the best convergence while. “

proud of the wind looking sank, hear his words, then whispered a sigh, put a ring on the middle finger on his left hand, identify the main blood, mouth and said: “I understand, Santo adults so valued my future, if ye there is trouble, I would never sit out of grapefruit. Luo Although this is obvious from the city’s main draw,cheap canada goose, there are some considerations and intend to wind proud, although horizon sword statue kill Liqing, but the house would surely shine magic this account counted in her head, but there is potential for people who can recruit if they are not necessarily solicit solicitation will be denied, and this is the reason she was so anxious to go.

Originally proud wind still worried ponley and fangs are too conspicuous, now has the ring of endless While life,canada goose jackets, and what issues are resolved.

father’s intention, I do not know, but I’m your brothers, these things will give you more than put us to sleep here, much more useful, do not remember what kindness. “Luo Fei looked proud of the wind, and suddenly some dismay: chase clouds, remember that the sun does not come back in the future, they must come and see me!

good! Sure! Wind proud hearts of meditation, lifting the state of wheatgrass armor to pretty true capacity, fly to Los smiled again, and then in the hands of a flash, the fangs, ponley, like the sword (Tiger’s name), all income Endless Ring of Life, the nightmare ride back, nodded back, a speeding horse shot out.

Luo Fei Leng Leng looked at a man on a horse’s back past the direction of the forest does not fall away, disappearing, and some expect: wait until the meet, you will chase the cloud over the continent will name it, I believe you will be able to OK! “

Rishangsangan, Luo Rong was waking from a dream, after the hangover headache feeling exceptionally clear, proud of wind came after grooming care tent, but found no shadows.

Los financial heart suddenly had a bad feeling somewhat, not far from the same seems to ask the state just woke up Shetan et al.

Shetan, chasing the clouds you see it? “

chasing clouds adults? No, ah, last night she sent the little master back to the tent to rest after his tent up. “Shetan Mei Feng a dynamic, tense and said:? How to recover what the cloud is not an adult.”

Luo Rong sighed softly, driven to distraction and said:. “knew she would not stay too long, I did not expect to leave so soon.”

chasing clouds little brother is gone good, you forget the magic light house Liqing who died because of it? Magic light means always Henla Hall, chasing clouds little brother is a respect for freedom of the people, the house once and light magic touch I’m afraid of conflict, she must also be aware of this, will leave early,canada goose outlet, and you are worried about not bear, so take advantage of night go now. “Lu Rong Luo Feng patted the shoulder and smiles:” We have to leave now, it touches you, it was time to chase the cloud and your most intimate, maybe there is something left for you and then you look for? “

melt like Los like being reminded nodded, re-drill the wind back to the tent to find traces of pride.

turn for a while, then in Los melt sandwich clothes were found in a letter, expand a look that says,

financial Brother, you see this letter, I must have gone.

forgive me and you did not say goodbye, my body really have too much trouble, not only is the upcoming likely to find my magic light temple, there are some mysterious unrest, factors that horrible anxiety, and even I have Can not touch to that level, I do not want to bring you at risk.

I like the feeling when you together, like you fought this time, though not long, but I believe, will always remain in my memory, in Qincheng, here, you’re my protection, and your broad shoulders trouble, and always make me feel at ease and warmth. When I think of the sun never sets, I first thought it must be you.

financial Brother, you are now a spiritual magic swords division level, should be able to contract a second head Eudemons, originally I wanted to leave you out-toothed tiger king, but because of his gambling regulations only recognize my main, In the rear of the camp, there are three sacred domesticated finished my tamer way can actually mention the well rejoice beast level, the other end is Cayton Seven sacred eagle, giant elephant mammoth four-star sacred dragon lizard beast is Six Star sacred, I hope they give you and red refining help.

financial Brother, you will always be my brother melt, the friendship between us, and never will be killing time

No feast of the feast, do not look for me, and by chance, we will goodbye!

down time, and you will still be proud of the wind alongside!

melt gently clenched Los letterhead, looking dignified with this, read this, he is not the first to think of themselves and be able to get three-headed red refining sacred, but proud that unrest wind mentioned.

even have a super animal can not be proud of wind resistant Ya’s unrest, there will be more terrible. At least another terrible than light magic temple bar,

financial Los hearts, endless worry about overwhelming!

handsome man abruptly turned and drilled tents, clapping loudly shouted: red refining collection! Pfister mercenary group ready to return to headquarters! “

little master, you rush back to headquarters so what do ah? “Thetan, who have puzzled.
I want to go to war alone
Church experience headquarters. “Melting Los lightly.

what war Church? “Everyone exclaimed:” Little Lord, you do not go crazy, right? Battle ancient mercenaries head of the Church but only after reaching the sky magic teacher to enter the ah! You now go, not looking ravaged it? “

me want to become stronger. “Surprisingly firm voice, into Los raised his head, his eyes very bright, as if nothing can stop him: be strong, then, can still lend her shoulder, still can make her feel safe and warm, strong enough to protect her!”

Shetan Nana, who would like the words of urine, understand financial Luo said, “She who is, and my heart could not help but give birth to a strange feeling, little master will not be” led astray, it “how to recover cloud adults too good to be so much of it! hey, this little master who also advised cattle outbursts of temper does not move, I hope do not really go “”
proud wind, red wolves and other refining and mercenary group left the sun does not set the city, this grand event, and finally came to a close.
light magic temple headquarters, this time has been received through the communications device to 黎青 magic killed the news, Li Zhen large Presbyterian church light complexion livid rage. Li Qing, but his only son, is second only to the temple of light magic genius Bald Eagle completed this mission should be officially awarded the job, he was still happy, but wait until this one turned out to be bad news!

gods adults! Gods adults! Li Zhen Huan light into the house of the Temple Church of the total, all the way shouting, anger crazy.

Well, do not call it! People are dead, what use is called? “Central Temple, a silver hair, face statues, dressed in a white robe priests, slender man said lightly, placid tone, apparently had heard Liqing thing.

this man, is the highest light magic ruler’s house, and gods Lingbing.

gods honor, my only son, so dead ah! “Li Zhen has not found Lingbing attitude, uphold bitterly exclaimed:! Cobalt gods adults must take revenge for my children.”

revenge? How to take revenge? Afterwards you go horizon sword statue “gods abruptly turned around grimly, a sculptural expressionless as to cause fibrillation handsome face, full of rare anger, nor the time to see what are the people to provoke , give us a huge light magic temple trouble, you get into a good son has a super animal, unlimited potential tamer guru! you have to go to the mainland of the monarch accepted the horizon strongest sword respect for his revenge? you yourself how not to! “

No, no, of course not. “Li Zhen gods felt anger, quickly restrained tone, restrain anger under hearts, said:! Horizon sword statue’s appearance was just an accident, that the cloud is chasing me into the death of children who ah.”

Li Zhen certainly would not bother to look stupid statue sword horizon, it makes no difference and court death, but he was able to find the trouble proud of the wind, fundamentally speaking, if there is no wind and 黎青 proud conflict, naturally they will not there is such a thing happened.

Liqing understand the character of the monarch, surely you have heard something in return heard very clearly, is that he had to go to the trouble of chasing the clouds, he was dead and who worry! The cloud is a hundred years to recover a rare genius, but also has a super animal such terrible war Niu Li, was a tame beast master, if we light the house to recruit her magic, dark magic eradicate the house, just around the corner! “Gods pale said coldly, did not seem to mind the fate of the 黎青.

Li Zhen hearts of a sudden, much anxiously: “Well, Did my son’s death so its up?”

he advocated for trespassing, the sacred gift of the king take the gamble, the monarch did not find him afterwards, you still here for him an injustice? Advocates light magic house is you or me? “Gods waved Xiupao, face to watch intently Li Bing Ling Zhen, called the Cold War only to see the latter abruptly, almost choking.

not, under absolutely no offense meant, depends gods adults call the shots. Li Zhen hurried down said, and some did not give up and asked: “? If that does not promise us chasing clouds solicit it.”

gods face a cold to extreme cold voice said lightly.

would spare no effort to obliterate her! Such a peerless genius, if you can not work for us, sooner or later will become our Liuzaishishang scourge! Heralds go around the house full of magic clouds chase cable dial this person, once discovered Li Jian allow elders to solicit large arbitration, without fail. “

Li Zhen one, secretly depressed, arbitration large elders and his relationship always very good, he certainly does not give himself a little face, really spared no effort to solicit chase that damn cloud.

should be a cry, Li Zhen turned down, but the hearts of its own intention, anyway, this piece of magic temple Templar in his hands, he can inquire about the whereabouts of their own cloud that chase, grab the arbitration large Presbyterian kill her before in the past, and then said she would not return the house to join the magic light to shine his magic in the house for many years the prestige and status, nor will his gods how adults.

a Mindful of this, Li Zhen quiet busy then roared News: damn chase clouds! Naturally, I am sure will catch you and put you fell bone dust! “

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The first chapter of Miles
mountain road deaths

stretches thousands of miles of the sun does not set deep in the forest, died inaccessible, dangerous.

only master various geographical reach powerful party day order in which to act alone, the general risk-takers must be at least a squad of professionals is higher than the first order have the guts depth where a careless will be killed in the forest , World of Warcraft has always been a troublesome group exists, the central part of the large herd animals rejoice, even sacred in general are afraid to provoke.
But these crises on
proud wind, however, it can not be called how dangerous animal has a head, she died in the mountains outside of any in the woods, you can go sideways, the sacred animal of coercion than too high is much more gregarious of Warcraft is also at arm’s length for the animal, unless the animal encounter led rejoice herd, or simply do not have to worry about port

Death Mountain and the sun does not intersect the edge of the forest, the river half a traffic light across the continent, Doreen river close to the left as the death mountain to the right is the sun does not set the forest.

heater blowing warm spring, winter has passed, the ice thaw recovery of all things, grow on the banks of the green Xin skin, bright sunshine, quiet and peaceful picture of a row of ordinary person in this environment, I’m afraid will Want place to lie down, lazily yawned and squinted sleep.

wind is still proud teenager dressed, wearing a sophisticated black gown, hemi the body, riding a tall vigorous black horse, horseshoe outing grass, not only along the line slowly slowly.

slender fingers touched the white chin, proud to see the hands of a red wind repeated invitations, said to himself: from dead last all the way to the edge of the mountain, probably also need two months, from a year’s time a month, enough to feel Kaya imperial capital, and not think of this place turned out to Di Eddy School in Carroll empire, I’d save a lot of trouble. “

owner, I do not quite understand why you have to go the edge of this mountain of death from various quarters, ah, here around a lot more than a factor of tens of thousands of years away yet, if straight forward, we now have through the day without falling forest a. “In the next run with fangs puzzled.

Yes Master, we have from the sun does not set out a month and a half before they slowly walked less than a third of the way, really anxious, and I’ve never been to Carol empire, do not know Compared to light the house where magic holy city how. The female voice sounded clear and melodious, but it is lying on the shoulder of the wind proud wagged his tail like a sword to speak, through the contract, like the sword rose Ninth sacred, mythical beasts of the threshold is too high, difficult to cross over to reach the animal level after thought then cut difficult, nightmare after the contract is only promoted a star power only.

ponley to accidentally touches guessed, this little yellow cat actually really is a tigress “

right ah right ah, we quickly went to the empire, and I also want to look at what it was like Kaya imperial capital. “Ponley Since the tigress know like the sword go after surprisingly good attitude a lot, actually, and she does not top any more, and often down her breath, do not know the heart of spring carry.

you see? Come on, you got there only to be masters of the tightening ring of endless life in envy. It is like the sword looked up and said with disdain.

uh, “ponley frown, how he forgot, and now one to crowded places, he would have been proud and fangs wind it up so as not to expose identity?

hee hee, rest assured, we will say that the scene outside to listen to you, you will be in the ring of endless life obediently stay inside it. “And a little voice milk and milk sound gas smiles, proud of the wind in his arms palms nest size amused one pair of white fox fox eyes, a bushy tail kept dangling, very cute.

three Charm Charm monarch named Fox though, it is a real male fox, in pride of contract after the wind out of its infancy, Hugh Jida several times, and you can use mimicry, and now of course the state Use of mimicry.
contract fox, proud of their own wind felt faint quantity contract Eudemons close to saturation, if not bridging, then only one end Huanshou contract, but that the amount of the first contract Eudemons must stay as a tamer of use So she does not intend to easily contract Eudemons.

With Eudemons were increased, a few head of Euro RSCG sacred and are able to talk with each other on the busy road up, even when you are not stuck his little head wheatgrass Zhi Zhizhi merrily whining, though nearly a month without saw a figure, but also a little proud of the wind does not get bored.

the first ten days go very slowly, fighting with the beast, proud of the wind gradually strengthen due to the spirit of the nine divisions of the realm of fantasy, is not Huanshou, even with an “onion skin, can easily defeat the Spirit Magic beast now used most proud of wind weapon is not breaking the military, but it put thin as onion skin soft sword, as Roth puts it, after which the weapons are used to be just be soft, sharp, incredibly powerful. first

now, they have all the way from the sun does not set the city to the sun does not set the forest in central, close to the deepest danger area, often seen high-Stars reveal infested, but they reveal the right has become a nine engraved Spirit Magic division proud of the wind, the nothing to give her room to improve, that she did not just grab an effort to domestication.

is to tame the beast to make money, at least have the sacred soil level to ah, or simply throw her the emperor tamer’s face it!

rations consumed almost,

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Good morning ah!

Chapter 93 niu troubles
niu thought would be married and their own looks is so Peas, she felt that it was not true, and my heart’s still some resistance, subconsciously unwilling to admit Peas will be inserted down the door of her husband. After all, is not like, do not you?
niu and washing clothes and dishes week Moody’s, the way home is with Peas hit 刘长祥 together in the village picking up litter strewn branches and leaves, withered grass.
week Moody’s cheeky anxiously toward Liuchang Xiang said: “Old man, ah, you go to put a duck it, or tomorrow, no fish to sell to restaurants.”
“OK!” Liu Changxiang cleanly promised, and then go home to go along with his four. Moody just weeks to go in the back Peas, Peas see a piece of stained clothes leaves behind, it took off smoothly to. When
niu see a little worried expression, as if she and her opposition Peas to stay married, then this is also the Peas did not like her father and mother of the child will have no food and the poor, and my grandfather said his family The house is also down, think about a person alone Peas poor more than she should. Niu in the heart sigh sigh, suddenly a stomach discouraged.
Liu Changxiang catch ducks out, carrying a fishing rod niu followed Grandpa, Peas was left to follow the week Moody’s to clean up the chaos of the village.
“niu! Wait for me! I want to go fishing!” Campbell waving arms, shouting toward the niu, immediately turned around and ran home to get the child to go fishing rod and creel. Campbell and iron treasure because strong winds have three days did not go to school.
stopped laughing niu feet, waiting for Campbell. Because of the new iron treasure Peas also curious, Batui immediately ran toward the niu.
“Sister! that new kids What is the name ah?” Iron Bao asked with great interest.
niu customary first touch iron treasure fat head, smiled and said: “He called Qu Peas, Peas can you call him, he come to you more than help him, do not let others bully him. “
“I will defend him for good!!” iron treasure chest pat their fat, happy to guarantee it, then very surprised and asked: “Sister, he is not to become a person of your home? “
niu small brow Zhou Zhao, a little upset, embarrassed and said:. “This I do not know.”
time, Campbell has been carrying a fishing rod came up, niu and Campbell have walked together toward the river.
Campbell speak first sentence is: “! niu, you find your grandfather’s husband looks really pretty,” said, while on a smile overjoyed.
niu upturned mouth, not happy and said: “!! Brother, you say I have not set a marriage Biexia it.”
very consciously and collecting Campbell mouth and smile, turn on the topic, and then said: “? your medical books to see how well”
niu flew sigh, his face distressed, said: “!! hard to read, I can not read.”
“You asked me to help, others say can not light reading to learn medicine, have to find a chef job.” Campbell solemnly tell know.
“But we do not have a doctor in the village Yeah!” niu feel troubled.
“The town has ah! town doctor plenty!” Campbell said with confidence.
Campbell suddenly leaned his head niu ear, quietly said: “!. niu, I tell you, you do not tell people that your grandmother can not tell my father going to go to town to buy a shop open the inn.”
niu surprised with round eyes, watching Xiaoshengdiwen Campbell said: “?? bought did not spend much money.”
Campbell Couguo head, quietly told said:. “. one thousand five hundred twenty two layers, the top layer prepared to do rooms, meals sold under a layer of”
“my father said let me read a good book for two years, for test a scholar, then go to the shop in as treasurer, to make money. Master and boast a few days ago and I treasure the iron, that our word is so well written.” Campbell proudly display arrayed.
“Brother, you and Ganniang include iron treasure is not to live after the Liu village?” niu puzzled and asked, with a sad heart.
Campbell suddenly reach out quickly in the niu head patted, menacing lesson and said:!! “blind say of course, want to live in our home village of my mother Liu when Liu village also continues to cook, my father Liu also live in the village, we just do not live in town, too! “
Campbell shot very light, no pain nor itch looks niu, niu care continue to ask: “? That shop how to do ah.”
“This is the first year rent, and so I was admitted a scholar can go as treasurer!” Campbell Tingting chest, chin high-spirited, confidently said.
niu very envious watching Campbell, smiling, praising: “The really powerful godfather good brother will make money, you will be able to be admitted to the scholar’s scholar can be awe-inspiring story of a future we do not even Guanci afraid!!!! ! huh …… “
金宝立 horse changes his attitude, very modestly said: “! fact scholar exam hard, but there is a way I have a good study, there is still hope can be admitted to the” After two to
bamboo house, began quietly fishing.
iron treasure on the new Peas very curious, glued to follow the Peas, and Peas is in Jinjindegen week Moody’s. Iron treasure to pick up the branches are also placed in the week Moody’s Yuan Kei, big eyes staring Peas look,cheap canada goose, while constantly on the initiative to provoke Peas speak.
“Peas, I’m iron treasure.” iron Bao said with a smile. Peas looked Bao an iron, and then looked down, did not speak.
“Peas, you will not climb a tree?”
“ah, it will.”
“Peas, do not you swim?”
“ah, it will.” Peas softly replied.
“Peas, do not you write?”
“will not.”
iron treasure proud, smiled and said: “My brother, my sister would write, since we really do teach you to write?” iron treasure thoroughly gracious tone, please, prompting Moody next week could not help but smile. Others
Although the village is still very curious to Peas, but because the Peas provoke just cried, so it would only light we looked at the child, no longer verbally ridicule.
week Moody Peas work very hard look very satisfied, which looked at the child feel more pleasing to the eye Peas, I thought: looks though inappropriate, good read, but it can work, can listen on the line!
iron treasure that had little fat Han Han This sub Peas behave in front of very lively, talkative, talking about all kinds of things to the village to listen Peas, Peas has not received even then, He still speaks with relish on the side, grinning like, obviously Peas it is like.
evening, Hai Yuan Bao wife went home crying iron, iron treasure finally watched helplessly Peas good glances, very reluctant way,canada goose outlet, teasing him next week,canada goose jackets, Moody’s, said: “Iron treasure Peas live in My family too! that he would not run, and you then come to play with him tomorrow, we have not been to the mountains Peas it, you take him to the mountains tomorrow to play! huh …… “
Thus, iron treasure happily ran away, such as when the family went to only remember that he wanted to go to school to school tomorrow, suddenly becomes the dejected.
Haiyuan wife smiled and asked: “? Iron treasure, you like to play this game and Peas”
iron treasure heavily nodded, “ah” sound, innocent smile and said: “!. Peas looked nice on his forehead with long beauty spot on the forehead of iron treasure no” said, reaching touched his forehead, a very sorry, very envious look.
time, just to mention a full fringe element of a 箢 Kei branches back, smiled and said: “Iron treasure beauty spot ah dad wants to iron treasure with ink spot on a beauty spot, it really do? ? Oh …… “
sea and smiling wife Liu Yuan Yuan Chen Dao: “!! not serious Freeze amuse children.”
iron treasure along hehe smile, hand on his mother’s belly touched, smiled and asked: “? sister at last come out.”
“well-behaved, and then wait three months you can see the sister.” Hai Yuan wife gently smiled and replied.
- When
dinner Peas obviously the most daring, dare yourself to eat their food, but also dare to hold rice in the kitchen, and do not always lower the head, and shout “grandfather”, “grandmother” and “sister” , his face will bring shallow, sweet, shy smile.
evening, followed by Liu Zhangxiang Peas sleep Westinghouse, niu and Eastern Zhou Moody still sleeping room.
niu night because thinking about things between themselves and Peas, tossing to sleep, toward the grandmother asked:? “Grandma, Peas makes them look good, how to do, but he was so miserable, my grandfather said he did not eat, no house to live. “niu mood is very contradictory.
week Moody sigh of gas, and my heart have similar trouble in this respect, comfort niu said: “If you can work, can listen on the line, looking like the look, we see there is less accustomed to your grandfather look ugly! I saw a lot of him and not feel ugly. “
niu some peace of mind, my mind is full of cranky Gradually all became sleepy, holding my grandmother went to sleep in the waist.
Early in the morning the next day, week, Moody’s took advantage of the two children have not woke up quietly in the yard of 刘长祥 asked: “? old man, you’re really going to set the child to niu ah Peas”
“ah.” Liu Changxiang briefly, solemnly replied. Moody reassures
week, suddenly have nothing to say, sighing, innocently went to work.
niu and Peas almost simultaneously from the bed. Because Moody’s and 刘长祥 all week and went outside to clean up the chaos in the village, the Peas did not see 刘长祥 and week Moody’s, but did not dare run around, so he relies followed behind niu, niu done spontaneously sidekick, originally wanted to follow to help niu work. Niu go to the backyard latrine, the beginning of yet unaware Peas in to follow their own, and so turned on inadvertently Peas appeared suddenly saw in his eyes, and instantly startled. The Peas were apparently frightened eyes to niu scared, he was very nervous immediately stopped his feet, looked down afraid to look niu.
Peas still very well-behaved and obedient to discuss niu favorite. Niu finished latrine out on straw sandals will ask Peas, Peas nodded and said he would. Niu took Peas front yard return, brought vines to compile sandals Peas, compiled his own account he was sitting under the eaves to wear sandals, and then into the kitchen to burn myself to go wash water .
—— digression ——
two more coming too!

Chapter 94 well-behaved, obedient, but also diligent
Peas in a very carefully edited sandals, soon, niu in the kitchen shouting: “! Peas, to wash your face.”
Peas put straw down, quickly ran towards the kitchen, he was wearing a little big padded feet, his heels so they go outside to look at what shoes to run.
wash tub with hot and already put a face Pa. “Peas, end tubs to wash the yard.” Niu affectionately told, suddenly saw Peas with sleeves before the end of the tub child wipe their faces. Niu blinked, looked Peas concern softly asked: “? Peas, Grandma did not give you a handkerchief.”
Peas raised his face, the eyes of pure, bright, will be looked at niu, quietly replied: “I did not give.” voice full of tender and Hanshi. After answering, holding her hand, watching the motionless tub continue niu, niu because they do not know is not even speak to him, they did not dare to go away.
“Peas, go wash your face, I’ll get you a handkerchief go.” niu hand gently patted on the head Peas, although almost two tall, thin but because Peas look very poor, and young and small, face and voice are obviously very immature, so niu spontaneously as the iron treasure Peas treated like a child.
“ah.” Peas laughed, holding tubs turned out.
niu ran east house took out a clean handkerchief, crouch down, and handed the handkerchief has been washing the face, squatting on the ground Peas, Peas and hand touch on the head, smiling, cordial commanded: “The guests in town who likes Zancun clean, and you later want to rub his nose with a handkerchief when they are put in a pocket handkerchief closed, washed with water once a day to dry, remember? “
“ah, I remember.” Peas nodded, agreed with bright eyes looked very serious.
“. Okay,” looking at Peas behaved, obedient, niu can not help but laughed, the sound crisp, neat greeting: “The Peas, with my sister to go to the godfather send fish to go!”
yesterday because only catch fish for a long time, so only the amount of fish in a barrel, less than usual amount to a tub of. Niu and Peas together carrying buckets of water for fish and go out looking niu Doudou from yesterday came after it has been very timid, but also very quiet silence, the way they speak deliberately teasing Peas.
“Peas, you do not like fish? our village pond, there are a lot of fish raised fields it!” niu directed Peas laughing.
Peas can not help revealing that sweet, happy and with a shy smile, gently nodded, whispered:. “likes”
“Oh ……” niu laughed, readily promised: “! sister noon Peas do fish to eat.”
and Peas smile still so shy but with a happy place.
two carried casks home to Campbell, Campbell family is eating breakfast, because Campbell and iron treasure to go early to school, so they are always home in time for breakfast at home in front of the niu.
“Ganniang, godfather! brother, iron treasure!” niu laughing eleven shouted.
Hai Liu Yuan Yuan and his wife are smiling towards the niu and Peas over here, affectionately called: “!? niu, Peas, ah huh …… you so early in the dry her family does not eat breakfast.”
Niu told Peas down the barrel, and then happily ran towards the sea yuan wife. Because a fringe element Peas are unfamiliar, helplessly see niu ignore their own, so this will be another sub-head down, it felt timid uneasy.
niu squat body, feeling the sea yuan in happily pregnant wife, she was very pleased that he might take another one as daft as iron treasure, fat sister. Hai Yuan wife smiled softly, holding chopsticks to feed the two dishes to eat niu, niu are followed up smiling.
Campbell and iron treasure brothers are invariably ran toward the stand in the yard of Peas, both hands still holding a bowl.
iron treasure very close to go around Peas Minato, because he felt he was yesterday and said a lot of words Peas, as it should be should be very familiar, took Peas hands to drag under the eaves, mouth affectionately said: “Peas, sit, sit to my house.”
iron treasure a person not drag Peas, Campbell will also help to inviting Peas the other hand, the brothers dragged Peas to under eaves.
niu know Peas timid, afraid he would be scared to cry, ran to. “Peas, Do not worry, this is my maiden dry, this is my brother and iron treasure, there Ganniang and godfather.” Niu affectionately said, holding the hand of Peas, and slowly sat down under the eaves go zone .
Peas is seen niu hands immediately pull tight, obediently follow. Latent meaning, he niu, Liu Changxiang and weeks have been very trust Moody’s, while to a strange environment, he niu a person for the addition of a number of dependencies.
Hai Yuan daughter of Peas it is like, because Peas good looking, after all, has always been the heart of beauty in everyone, and a mother of the woman looks more like the handsome boy. Hai Yuan daughter smiling staring Peas look, but also directed at Campbell told:. “Campbell, went to the closet to get cool cake Peas come to eat Peas”
“Ai!” Campbell promised to be very loud, quickly ran. Peas and timid just because Campbell promised that loud and could not help himself gently shook.
iron treasure from

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Now a shocking existence.
a subtle and clever prohibition exists in the minds of the golden boy, who abruptly to the most important information protection up. If only this, it can not cause unintentional Yang surprised, but in this deep into the soul of the ban also filled with a weak and strange energy. In the detectors when the body has inadvertently Yang Xingyuan force slowly injected into the golden boy of the brain. In order not to cause too much damage to him, Yang Xingyuan mood will condense into force generally slim silk airflow along the route soul release, quietly without interest penetrate inside.
But this a general air of silk, but was hidden in the Golden Boy soul energy instantly defeated. You know that’s a strong source of immense star power, although only a thin trace, but not other forms of energy can be compared. However, the star was indeed defeated source of power, is the kind of mysterious and strange energy easily defeated. In such cases Yang mood seems to be absolutely impossible, but it’s in front of Yang inadvertently become a reality.
sudden setback so that Yang was very depressed mood, since he mastered the star power source after not encountered such a thing. And then through their own personal experience, he had the star as a source of power is the world’s most powerful energy. Even if the star is to permit strong source of power, Yang inadvertently also have to face this loss to come back again.
next thing full of drama, Young inadvertently carefully controlled condenses into filamentous star power source, once again hitting the opponent’s defense. Because of the kind of weird energy in advance to occupy a favorable position, so Yang mood in the course of this confrontation is always in a passive state. He did not dare to focus too much energy force attack each other, because that would destroy the golden boy’s soul, thus erasing the memory of that part is important. If the result has been that, even if it is unintentional Yang won also a misnomer. So, he can only carefully directing the only source of star power,canada goose jackets, fought the enemy rushed. Even that kind of weird how
energy no matter how powerful, can not withstand Yang unintentional so persistent offensive. Finally, after a violent impact, the energy that a trace of crashing out of the way of destruction, into a burst of smoke dissipated in the Golden Boy’s soul into. Then, he saw Yang inadvertently hide those memories, also got the news he looked forward to for a long time.
Sure, Yang mood in the Golden Boy’s memory to find a lot of information about the Church’s dark. Even the Dark Church Zongtan position, but also through a detailed picture show out. But this all, is that in breaking the blockade after the channel energy, was able to achieve.
To prove his conjecture, Yang mood and then another four in wooden child’s soul being checked again. He also in four of the brain, found that strange energy. According to earlier methods, Young inadvertently easily solve the same problem, but also successfully got the other four brain memory.
Finally, Yang found that according to their mood, to get such a conclusion. Five strange boy brain energy, are all applied from the outside. Most likely to make this kind of thing, only that despicable dark god guru White Ling days. His purpose in doing so, but also to block information about those dark polytheistic. As long as people can not break weird energy defense, the relevant information is always dark polytheism in a safe state. After
figured out these problems, the Five Young boy inadvertently sealed up again. Through this exploratory, he had found the lair of the white Ling days, but seems to have revenge plan should begin implementation.

Chapter disposable pawn

revenge foot ways, this idea from the moment, along with Yang began unintentional. Bai Ling God of Heaven and dark tie into a stinger like his mind, all the time tormented his soul. I do not know how many times, Yang dreamed of the dark mood Church uprooted, the white Ling-day cut to pieces, but after waking, but found it was just Nankeyimeng. But now, Yang Bai Ling really got careless days of news, but also to find the domain of God Church Zongtan icon dark, that the day of vengeance is at hand, the long-awaited moment finally arrived. After
left their areas of space, Yang Lin, who inadvertently discovered Sunda have ended their own practice. The retreats that he unknowingly already spent a month’s time. During this time, not only in a small star entered a new realm, and even balls and wooden Linger are benefited under their respective Master’s teachings are a breakthrough has its own limits, and opened the door to a new practice.
Xun Lin thanked the two sources with the sky after Yang unintentional small star that they go back to their place. Yang returned to the small star which unintentional body, it needs the help of the free energy of soul around for their own practice. The balls and wooden Linger were inadvertently sent to the area of ​​space Yang among the stars through the field of space after the source of power transformation, more than any other place suitable for their cultivation. Their childhood star who inadvertently saw Yang had never had a powerful energy source sky visible Sunda Lin and they have paid a lot of effort.
order to express gratitude in my mind, Yang unintentional specially from among his collection of magic, pick out the two pieces on the order of artifact, as a gift to the Sunda Lin duo. Which gave Sunda Lin is a pair of boots thin as onion skin, it contains the most pure energy between heaven and earth, the wind, you can maximize the user’s speed. The Sunda Lin itself is a wind dragon, so this pair of boots for him, happened to be the most suitable weapon. At the same time, Yang also took into account the sky unintentional source characteristics, the source of his body weak against the sky, in particular to prepare the heart of a defense force super armor for him. This heart A worn, do not see any traces of it can be used with the owner’s body perfectly together. With this heart armor protection, Yang unintentional flesh can increase the capacity of at least a couple of notches, if not close to the stage artifact attack, could not hurt to have a heart of defense. After
appreciation over a two Sunda Lin, Yang inadvertently turn themselves just to get intelligence about it. Top secret message about the Church’s dark, and immediately attracted the attention of the crowd, for calling over Xun Lin Jin Ling Master and other four will be drunk, ready to come together to discuss this matter.
front of witnesses, Young careless things he will obtain information from the five elements of the brain start to finish about the lad again, every detail of which did not spare even highlighted the kind of mysterious and strange energy. After listening to the narrative mood Yang, everyone’s brow wrinkled up all coincidentally. After experiencing a lot of things, we have felt the dark ambitions of polytheism. Everyone here, are among the few masters of the spirit world, are among the elite forces of the spirit world, and for all actions of the dark polytheism, are also needed them to co-sponsor.
dark polytheism ambitious, endanger the spirit world, which is already well-known things,canada goose outlet, but basically you master here and dark polytheism happened friction. So for the crusade against the dark pagan thing, people do not have much advice, coupled with difficult devoid of polytheism between Yang and dark mood of hatred, this thing has basically become a foregone conclusion.
according to the present situation, even without the help of all, insisting Yang and dark mood will fight to the death polytheism. As Yang unintentional friends, everyone is bound to be a result of Zhu Quan and join them. So after some deliberation, the crowd quickly unified views and punitive action will be put on the agenda.
Subsequently, Yang inadvertently cast detached occult, his mind saw the boy from the five elements of the domain of God sent to the people of the brain icon. Suddenly, Xun Lin et al minds will emerge out of a pair of clear picture above clearly shows the appearance of dark terrain Church is located, as well as its location on the map the domain of God. Due to the immense spirit world, so even if the identity map on the domain of God, it is difficult to find the exact location. Fortunately, Zhang Feng traveled deeper, ever go to many places, but the landscape on this figure shows the domain of God, let him have a feeling of deja vu.
Finally, under Zhang Feng efforts, and finally determine the position of the target down. So as this action wizard candidates, only Zhang Feng’s body fell. In the current situation in the spirit world, is not suitable for large-scale fighting, the mood Yang et al decided to organize a surprise attack. If nothing can prepare for the opponent when the Church occupied the dark lair, so they can make a huge crisis dissipated in the invisible.
this small-scale attack on the strength of the participants demanding, each participant must have sufficient capacity, so it can not drag the entire team. Therefore, Yang et al mood this time need to go elite route, they can only pick some of the top experts to complete this attack missions. When candidates deliberation, several experts in the presence of inevitable disagreements occurred and remediation, and this thing right from the selection of experts, into a battle with each other face. Under such a situation, Dragon Ridge, Phoenix Valley and even the heart of Buddhist Monastery of the three forces to each other, they are desperately experts recommend their forces in order to want to defend their honor by the raid.
After a fierce debate, the crowd finally decided the final candidates. As the initiator of the whole scheme, Yang unintentional nature is doing my part to become a leader, but the night Shijie Mei is Fuchangfusui followed behind him. Next, Zhang Feng Yi Fei and two brothers also calculate the general ledger and dark polytheism, but their strength is in full compliance with the conditions of the raid, so it was included in the list of the expedition. Phoenix Valley sent two representatives, namely Golden Plume Exalted and sky source, but also is the two Dragon Ridge, Xun Lin personally led, as well as the strength of a strong master, his name is fierce war, is a violent temper flames. The last places left dawn Exalted Buddha Temple left early because the heart, he can only be alone. In this regard, the Master Xun Jin Ling Lin and seemed very happy, at least they are on this matter, walking in front of the heart of the Buddha Temple.
order to ensure the smooth implementation of planned raid, Yang decided to upgrade all the strength of the mood as possible. In addition to a few experts receive artifact, Yang Xiang remaining few careless people, each presented a piece on the order of artifact. Young inadvertently come openly to see more than a dozen artifact for your choice, even if it is extremely knowledgeable expert who can not help but marvel at the position. But they said that hypocrisy Actually,cheap canada goose, I’m polite, excitedly rushed into the heap pick up the artifact.
side selection artifact, dawn Exalted also lamented out loud, confused mood Yang et al have some scratching their heads. Under a question, all the people know, dawn Master is a pity for his old friend Anjiao. If browed revere gods and red nose did not retreat practice, then they will join the ranks among the crowd. That can not only play their own Hewei name, you can also earn an artifact with white. It now appears that the two of them can be regarded as losses it!
dawn Exalted sigh while everyone was mocking, on the night Shijie Mei can not help but reveal a chuckle. After the selection of a good crowd for their artifacts, then use immediately from their Heart, commenced the process of refining into. Refining these artifacts, the crowd got strength and not a small improvement, but the probability of success of this trip also increased significantly, but also bursting with extreme confidence in the crowd.
peace of mind to prepare for two days, Yang Lin inadvertently left Tatsumi et al sufficient time to arrange their deployment, after all, and Jin Ling Lin Xun Exalted are the heads of the two forces, starting before they have to be fully prepared. Two days fleeting, as the sun rises again, Yang et al mood Dragon Ridge left together, they lead the wind under the sheets, and flew toward the distant land destination. When
the left, they did not disturb anyone, Xun Lin, who is also closely blocked the news spread of the channel, so no need to worry about all their plans would be leaked. In the course of polytheism Zongtan go dark, Zhang wind dominated the direction of travel, he cast a series of seven or eight times the space to teleport, led the crowd came from Dragon Ridge where three billion years. Zhang Feng is the prodigal son, God has such a broad field map, because he wander all day, go to too many people never heard of the place. This is probably the night cream can not be compared, although this witch is always running around, but wandering in scope, but also far less than Zhang Feng as crazy. After the completion of the last teleport
, Zhang wind will slowly westward with the crowd and the line, he sometimes frowning in thought, but not before proudly, people know him a sense of direction, so do not have to press. So slowly all along the line, the flights of the three or four hour, but was pushed tens of thousands of miles away. But soon Zhang wind stopped his stature, pointing out of the desert near the front said: “? Gentlemen behold, here’s scenery is painted with that figure is quite the same.”
Everyone heard Everywhere you looked, it was found in front of a vast desert, desolate among desolate slightly a bit, no experience with Young boy brain from the five elements of the picture is almost exactly the same. See here, the crowd each other as one, their eyes showing a delighted look of the furniture. If the material is not bad, it is in front of desert hideout White Ling days, while the dark lair of polytheism is also hidden in the vast desert sand.
Subsequently, according to information obtained from the golden boy brain, Yang began to cast a subtle mood of Arcane, the exact location of detectors for dark polytheism Zongtan. After all, white Ling-day character, will not openly Zongtan built here, some kind of magic array of defensive measures is bound to exist. Young unintentional task now is to as quickly as possible
crack those magic array in order to find the correct entrance.
detectors in the crowd nervously terrain, when days are dark shrine Ling Bai arranged something. These days, he has been waiting for news Buddha Temple Dragon Ridge conflict with the heart, but how things are completely out of his grasp. Dragon is not only not in conflict with Buddhism, but also reconciled, even destroyed piece Dragon also restored the status quo. Bai Ling
This result is a big disappointment, but also to his plan to fish in troubled waters and thus had run aground. Then, there came the news of cloud Clang, Five boy suddenly disappear, and Zhang Feng, who was unharmed. Compared with the previous adverse circumstances, the message is triggered monstrous anger of white Ling days. Because he planted a ban on the five elements of the boy’s mind, as long as they had an accident will certainly be reflected by the ban. But now, the five elements boy disappeared without a trace, and he set a ban has not the slightest response. Such circumstances make white Ling-day distraught, he seems to have never considered such a change.
Actually speaking, this change is just a coincidence. If Yang had just grown his unintentional areas of space, white Ling Five days must be able to find the boy’s whereabouts. Because the field of space has been newly grown Xingyuan force protection, so the force of the white ghosts Ling-day display is also no doubt be split open. To know the power of innocent people with star power belongs to the same level of the source of energy, and therefore do not conflict under the circumstances, the force of innocent people can not be worn Xingyuan forces blocked. It also makes the situation becomes safe Five lad up, at least a different day for fear of being detonated Ling Bai ghosts of brain power, so as to achieve its purpose murdered.
Five Indiana boy failed Ling days for white is a very heavy blow. Because he was innocent of practicing power possessed by the devil, the people have become moody, spiritual trance also gradually up. Recently some days, often for no reason angry white Ling-day, even the days of favoritism by the white cloud Ling Qiang was no less scolding him. Perhaps the ghosts of the occurrence of the bite force, always white Ling unquenchable fury recent days meaning chest

canada goose jackets

This, or was he ate a vial, after experiencing pain again, into a year-old looks like.

helpless leisure Qing Qing had to let hatred stored in their own space. Only too little contact with leaflets and always a good impression on the men’s hatred of State lacks color, it will not be the innocent beauty of his face askew Tongsouwuqi the fans.

face shortly become the elegant beauty of the little boy prince, leisure Emily thought possible back when the Queen’s face, a head on ten large.

funny watching leaflets, leisure Qing said: “See what a lively, give me a good hiding obediently, lest hurt it!”

words have hurt leaflets self-esteem, I saw his face sank, said:. “I do not want to hide, I want to protect his brothers and sisters.” wrist slightly turned, a spear Wu have appeared in the hands, her body suddenly sporadic appearances Array chill of the air.

leisure Qing Yi Zheng startled. This boy is really in front of a few days ago she was in his arms the little prince do? Even if he was urged to eat a big demon yuan, who do not have such experienced the death of the only murderous ah! Is he not the Queen’s son?

strong pressure of a heavy heart wondering, leisure Qing calmly told: “Qiu Qing,cheap canada goose, you look at the little prince Dong Qing, Di war, you go out with me to open the defense..” he finished out of the temple. Dong Qing, Di immediately after the war out of the temple.

leaflets bear to go out with, a white shadow flashed, Qiu Qing coldly stopped at the door, Chen Sheng said: “! Please stay Little Prince”

“hatred sister get out!” lobular Mouzhong coldness flash.

Qiu Qing interesting looked at him, smiled and said: “? let me how”

“me, me ……” lobular his hands up in guns, can hesitate for a long time, tip a vertical, wrist flip, hidden guns, people have a hatred of State threw herself into the arms, grabbed her arm and shaking and said: “Qiu sister! hatred sister! Do not you want to go out of business? I promise I will not stir up trouble, obediently followed next to you, okay? hatred sister ……”

Qiu Qing looked at him coldly eyes blinked a few times, did not speak. She was tempted to go out fighting, but the leisure of State ordered her to live to see the little prince, she must follow.

perhaps be seen in the eyes of the struggle Qing Qiu, leaflets were rolling eyeball a turn, suddenly laughed: “! hatred Sister, You’re a fool.”

“What?” Qiu Qing baffling.

“leisure sister let you look at me, I can not say let you in here and you take me out, I would still be able to see live! unless you think you do not have this ability!” lobular laugh.

knowing that he is attempting to rally, may perhaps really long time without moving the bone ribs loose desire, Qiu Qing heart turn a few turns, even agree to his proposal, smiled and said:. “Okay, we went out Watching! However, you are not allowed without permission to leave my side! “

lobular hey laughing, pulling Qiu Qing’s hand and rushed out.

spectators leisurely Chapter 57

magic mist over the forest, hundreds of people Yumian winged flying.

“Stop!” catch a glimpse of white mist-shrouded palace, Qingpao man waved, the team stopped. Thought for a moment, with people move on, quickly flew over the stream outside the city.

Suddenly, in front of white hazy, blurred. Qingpao man immediately slow down physique, the opening stop, and then trying to keep your eyes open, surprised to find water vapor and fog, pitch-dark, hearts taken aback and lay back quickly, just exit the scope streams, eyes immediately clear.

“how?” wearing a coat of bright aqua blue magic woman stepped forward to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Qingpao surprised man asked: “You did not find abnormal?”

blue water wonder woman shook his head: “There is no exception Ah!”

Qingpao man thought for a moment, and said: “You try to fly past, if you find anything wrong, immediately retreat.”

water blue woman crashed fly. Qingpao man staring at her, I saw her neatly flew over the streams, smile, lips yixian yixian, seems to say something, but do not have to hear some sounds, so the speaker said: “What did you say ? louder, hear! “heart can not help a bit strange, this stream is not very wide, ten meters away from it, how would not hear of it?

water blue woman did not seem to hear him cry, shouting for a long time, frowned, and rushed back angrily authentic: “What the hell are you why I called you over and called for a long time, you do not? move ah? “

“There seems weird!” Qingpao explain a little man, and asked: “I just went in, a white, like a super-dense white mist, or milk, like pitch-dark, you ……”

aqua blue woman smiled and said: “There is no mist Ah!” thoughtfully authentic:. “However, there seem to be particularly pure water elements.”

“water element ……” Qingpao man muttered a while, commanded ten people try. As a result, in addition to the same river magician, and the rest are related to feeling like him everywhere vast expanse.

Qingpao man mind a turn, laughed: “At this point Subtotal two want to block us?” Then, commanded down, water magician all lead the way forward, up the rope, and the people behind it along the rope put an.

Thus, a dozen long string Yumian bird flew into the sky on such streams.

“pretty smart!” standing on the walls of leisure Qing cold smile, said: “Let me give you add new points!” Then, crooned: “I order Fengshen in the name of Yi Ling, summon mysterious wind elements, rotate, rotate, so everything becomes beautiful spiral myth in the rotation! “

Carter, streams suddenly rolled over a few more frantic whirlwind, violently, pulling a string of bird, trying to assimilate with them, rotate.

like a blind man in a white mist Yumian whirlwind of birds people are scraping a surprise. A few did not grasp immediately torn from a rope, wings uncontrolled, rotodyne higher and higher, are Touyunnaozhang I wonder where you are, too rotating wind suddenly disappeared, like the gravitational dragging them off line kite, the rapid fall, fierce heard “bang! bang! boom ……” Several people Yumian headlong into streams, hit the shallow river stone shed, bright red blood coming out soon by the water away. There is also a hit in the YUQIAO, YUQIAO dyed red to red.

“! alas had to wait for the next pack.” leisure Emily sighed slightly, caught a glimpse of a corner in the shadow of two figure, Bonu said: “? Qiu Qing, not to make you look at the little prince you how you ……”
Qiu Qing
a red face, was about to answer, lobular laughed: “!! leisure Sister, Sister hatred is not looking at me Well I behaved, not running around …… sister, who is about to come out.”

in this inter stupidly, Qingpao man has been under the command.

“magician soil series, walls isolated!” “There is no element of earth!”

Qingpao man stunned surprised a moment: “Wind magician ……”

singing came one after another, frantic whirlwind be offset reverse many small cyclone weakened, disappear. Originally exceptionally difficult, pulling the rope water magician who suddenly relieved, will have companions pulled behind a white world.

stay in the air,canada goose jackets, watching the bridge, streams hang companion,canada goose outlet, Qingpao man’s eyes exudes a cold chill. “Dead Before the Ship Even Sank ……” His heart suddenly emerged so short, self-deprecating smile, looking toward the front of the seven huge vaulted building, Chen Sheng said: “There may be a trap in front of everyone Be careful! “Then, take the lead and flew forward.

leisure Qing sneer silence. Di War gearing up and said: “! I give you to help add to the fun,” Dong Qing smiles: “small fry who are interested ah you still look and see?!”

lobular Qingpao man riding a daze, I rushed into the palace, the two stools readily carry out a throw Qiu Qing, a obediently do their own, said: “! watch Law” Qiu Qing smiled, leisurely sit down.

The Silver Bird People do not pull the rope, but in Qingpao man led a semi-fan, rushed to the palace.

first arrived on the red arches, Qingpao man felt the extremely hot, and just over Huoyanshan. And then the eyes flash red shadow, watching intently when I saw a red giant red ants with a group the size of ants, tiny red wings flapping, blocking the path.

giant red ants winks a throw, smiles tenderly said: “! younger ones, have dinner today all cheer for his aging mother, a feather will not leave ……” behind the words were little rant ow ants drowned.

Yumian birds suddenly caught people red ant attack. This time, the worst magician who, suddenly was a surprise attack ants, biting dragged down under the watchful eye of Qingpao man, lost in the huge red arch above.

“gave me killed!” Qingpao man roared, a pair of blue Zhanzhan sword scabbard, one thousand sharp Jian Qi Wu Qi, will close around the ants to stir a smash.

lobular Rengzhao snacks into his mouth, shaking his head, commented: “looking quite nice, but it can only Shasha ant ……” Qiu Qing gaze around oblivious to his strange eyes.

a crackling, somehow fighting ended, the red ants die clean, giant red ants injured Bickering flashback red arches, left, crying out: “stupid Y head, his aging mother is hungry, eat a big meal go! cheaper to you today! “

“little red, carefully propped!” orange arches at the front came the laughter, “Sister, I take revenge for you today, hey, you can owe me one of the ……”
Qingpao man’s eyes flashed
Lise, today this battle played too useless a. I have been a rush of red ants on melee attack and defense capabilities of poor magician who suddenly lost most, archers slightly better, but also the loss of a third, only soldiers, no one died, injuries quarter, is also not very heavy. However, this had the first arch ah!

Chapter 58 surging undercurrent

situation as fruit Qingpao man expected, very good. The second channel orange orange ants swarmed out arches, physical attack and defense powerful than red ants exactly doubled Yumian soldiers appeared inevitable casualties, but also a lot. Qingpao make a little relieved man, these ants Mofang poor magician attack in the remaining few, barely over the door. But the magician was a frenzied counterattack therefore, when the orange giant ants disappeared, leaving his side eight magician.

red orange yellow green blue purple. Seven colored arches built into rugged defense. Exactly 300 people, with only Qingpao man flying a blue arches. Looking at the sight of purple arches, and then looked at the distant towering jade walls, he gently sighed, paused for a long while, slapping scarred wings, fly back.

flew over Riverbank, Qingpao man slowly fell and landed on the ground, and then went to the outside along YUQIAO step by step, until you come to the other side, there is no strange occurrence. His smile, flapping wings and sped away.

Xia Qing Qingpao very surprised to see the man’s every move, intuition told her: so things do not end. Dong Qing, Di war, Qiu Qing see no battle to play, a sense of loss in their choices. Lobular walked beside her, watching her brow slightly furrowed, said: “Xia sister, are you worried that they come back yet?”

Xia Qing surprised to look back and said: “Why do you say?”

lobular laughed: “I feel that’s not a quitter, he receded, and not give up, but in order to save power..” changed the subject, “Sister, that defense can do a few doors?” ants die almost the same.

Xia Qing sighed: “Guardian is not an ordinary call of flying ants ants are bred giant ants guard, but gave birth to dozens of day if they attack again, can not be intercepted …… arches.”

lobular laughed: “Let them come in better, just a practice run with me.”

Xia Qing, without a word, underground passage in mind: “If they really attack again, we have to find a way to stabilize the little prince had my first, Qiu Qing, Dong Qing, Di guard Quartet war, they even had the arch, it is difficult. the city gate as long as the little prince no gates …… “

> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <

this day, destined not calm.

Mayer Wang Guoxiang garden, shaded by trees resurrection area. A constant stream of white light flashed, one with a jade mask warrior, magician, archer have appeared. Wangwaimian who moved away slightly ahead resurrection, leaving enough space for the resurrection. No one speaks, everyone is silent, silently waiting.

After a long while, Qingpao man still did not appear. Water bright blue magic clothing woman laughed: “may have been left to enter, we temporarily dispersed, waiting for good news now.”

Carter, a hearty laughter coming from the air. Qingpao man flapping wings, landing a smile, put away the wings, said: “What so easy!”

aqua blue woman smiled and said: “how can you not be killed resurrected back?”

Qingpao man rubbed his shoulder, smiled and said: “! resurrection was quick to come back for a moment to think about more than fly, earn the equivalent level of experience, or laborious to fly back.”

water blue woman Xiao Ma said: “!?? cheapskate, we did not look silly standing helplessly waiting for you to make this left adults ah What’s the catch into the palace without”

Qingpao man haha ​​laughed: “I have not seen the purple arches, to fly back.” said his guess a bit thin.

water blue woman thought for a moment, looked up and said:. “You say the most likely case, we immediately contacted separately tomorrow at six, before a collection of magic fog forest”

Qingpao man laughed: “Good.” told a few, hula disperse hundreds of people disappeared in the heavy shadows.

> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <
Juan Diego
Kingdom, King City – a hundred fold City.

Unlike castles in the air lightly city, a hundred fold mountain town located a hundred fold. Hundred fold mountains outside the city, is full of layers of shapes and colors terraces. Not only terraces planted crops, but the flowers. Each layer of the flower is only one color, but a collection of many layers, looking out from the city, around a circle, colorful gorgeous.

city, on every house are covered with ivy, covered with a circle of flowers, each ring is only one color. Therefore, it was also known as the city of a hundred fold “circle city.”

stood a hundred fold mountain, Hu body trembled slightly. Blood Song patted his shoulder, did not speak. Hu slightly forced smile, and said: “Come on.”

pick up the ladder and step by step, Hu micro heavy footsteps, muffled tone to tell:. “as a child, my father first took me to Meet uncle At the time, I did not fly the General Assembly, the way I let it fly tired Dad took me up the hill, he refused, not let myself to climb step by step, so I filled it up step by step reluctantly endure, walk, walk, find a good look at the roadside flowers, surprise fly never noticed how time later, I come here every year, I like to go step by step to embark on. “

Qingluan sigh silence.

micro Hu continued: “In my mind, uncle though harsh, but I’m fine, I really do not understand how he would under the command even if the Vamp confuse him, how he may be able to get the heart of it. ? …… I can not figure out. “

Qingluan feebly comfort: “People are bound.”

“. Yes, people can change,” Hu slightly trailed the cold: “Since he was heartless, I Xiuguai unjust.”

Qingluan jing: “how are you going to do?”

Hu micro sudden smile back, but that strange smile could not help but let Qingluan called the Cold War. “Do not worry, I’ll be the first good chat with him.” Is some teeth taste. “You promised to help me, right?”

“Alas!” Qingluan heart heaved, but the promise is true, and nodded. Blood Song nodded and said: “I can help you.” Very crisp.

Hu looked slightly mysterious inflammation. Xuan Yan gently laughed: “I do not